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Kneeboards Information and Learn about Wakeboarding
 by: David Hagerman

Kneeboards- The Best Tool For Wakeboarding Beginners To Learn To Surf The Wake

The sport of skating has thrown up many different variants involving changes in either the surface on which the skating is being done or the material that is used to skate. Take off the wheels and surf on sand and you have a totally different sport. Lose the wheels of the board and add binding to the board to do wakeboarding while being towed by a boat. One variant of wakeboarding is kneeboarding. So what does kneeboarding involve?

As the phrase suggests, kneeboarding is wakeboarding when standing on your knees. The idea may seem incongruous at first. Standing on ones feet when surfing on water is difficult enough for most participants. Will it not be even more difficult to surf when standing on your knees?

Funnily, kneeboarding is actually easier and safer than wakeboarding. In fact, experts recommend kneeboarding as a precursor or training course for those who want to do wakeboarding. This is so because your center of gravity is very low when you are standing on your knees. Further, you offer less scope for wind resistance to affect your surfing. Further, standing on your knees actually gives you more maneuverability and makes it easier to handle the board. Hence, using kneeboards is the best way to get introduced to the water sport of wakeboarding.

Although using kneeboards is recommended for beginners, this does not mean that kneeboarding is just a training course for wakeboarding enthusiasts. Rather, it is a full fledged sport in its own right. It has its own set of rules to be followed and has its own set of tricks to be performed by the kneeboarding enthusiasts.

There are primarily two types of kneeboards available for the participants of this sport. You can opt for either the trick board or you can opt for the slalom board. Both these boards have unique features that make them suitable for different purposes.

The trick board, as the name suggests, is designed for those who love performing tricks when participating in water sports. How are these kneeboards more suitable for performing tricks? These kneeboards have rounded bottom and edges. Hence, these kneeboards do not offer a lot of resistance to the wake. This makes it easier for the individual to maneuver the board without any difficulty. Do not try to perform tricks on kneeboards unless you are using trick kneeboards.

The second category of kneeboards is called Slalom kneeboards. These boards are not designed for tricks. Rather, they are designed for maximum comfort while surfing at high speeds. The board has very sharp edges. Hence, you can cut the wake very easily and take sharp turns at high speeds. This makes great viewing from the coast. The boat can cut sharp turns and you can easily mould your movement to follow the boat and the wake without any difficulty. There is very little risk involved as standing on your knees provides additional balance and control over the board.

One important difference between using kneeboards and wakeboards is that you shall not fall into the water even after losing grip of the rope. As long as you use negative buoyancy boards and do not make sudden movements, you can float on water even after losing your grip. This is another advantage of using kneeboards.

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