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Fighting Terrorist Overseas during Economic Slump
 by: Prem Bhandari

Dear Media Friends,

Home foreclosures are at all time high, unemployment seems to be rising, Cities and States are under stimulus packages, big corporations are under rescue, national debt is enormous and increasing, businesses are shutting down or at the verge of it, financial markets are in shambles, who knows what the dollar is going to be worth, and uncertainty looms everywhere. Amidst all this, we are fighting two wars at a distant with no solutions in sight. Economic chaos has become global. The scenario should be perceived as a whole, while studying it and finding solutions for it should be at component level with the degree of priority.

At this time, ways should be explored to cut costs wherever it is possible and in this vein we should consider reducing the number of troops overseas without delay. Our troop deployment capabilities are unmatched and therefore we do not need such a large number troops overseas to fight terrorists with conventional methods. To fight terrorism with a lot of troops all over the world is costing us an enormous amount of money with scanty results if any, beside loss of life and a very bad name.

Advising foreign governments and training their troops are fine, but putting large number of troops overseas under the current economic turmoil should be avoided. No nation likes foreign troops on their soil. We have seen in every war, innocent and non-combative civilians suffer and sustain most of the casualties, and millions lose their homes along with their livelihood. Quite often, the dead didnít know the exact reasons of the wars which destroy civilizations, possessions, and culture. Only a select few gain from war when most suffer from it. There has never been a real victory in any war which is only a drama where two sects of the same species inflict death, destruction, pain, and suffering on each other while being oblivious to its global consequences, generating temporary job growth, profits, and so called prosperity for a select few. Wars donít help the peoples of the world, instead sets them back.

To fight terrorists, an entirely different method needs to be adopted, and not the one we have in place now, which is more than costly. Escalation of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan should be stopped, because we cannot afford such costly ventures which do not bring any positive results. Instead, we should adopt prudent, viable, less costly, and results oriented measures with minimal backlash. There are several options available to overcome terrorism and minimize it in relatively short time span, and one of them is just opening a dialogue.

Warmest regards,
Prem Bhandari

About The Author

Prem Bhandari, a politically active resident of Metropolitan Washington, DC, believes in bringing change in U.S Domestic and Foreign Policies which could bring benefits to Americans and the peoples of the world.


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