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4 Common Cichlid Diseases and Causes
 by: Preston Mane

When fish get sick, it is not always a lot of fun for his owner to nurse him back to health. All fish can contract diseases, including cichlids. The following paragraphs will provide some information regarding common cichlid diseases, along with some possible treatments.

Swim Bladder Disease

This cichlid disease affects the fish's swim bladder, which is an abdominal sac that ensures the fish's happiness and ability to swim in the water. When a cichlid is affected by this disease, he will display difficulties swimming, and has difficulties staying below the surface of the water. If you see your cichlid floating alive on the surface, it is likely he is suffering with swim bladder disease.

This disease is often caused by a poor diet. To prevent or treat this common cichlid disease, you need to add high fiber foods to your fish's diet.

Malawi Bloat

Malawi bloat is another one of the many cichlid diseases that commonly affect these fish, especially African cichlids. Symptoms can include bloated belly, white feces, and loss of appetite. When left untreated, this disease can cause damage to many different organs. Once their internal organs are damaged, the fish will probably perish within days.

Malawi bloat can be treated by taking a few simple steps. You must replace your filters, as well as change at least 50 percent of the water. You will also need to add clout and Metronidazole to your tank.

Hole-in-the-Head Disease

This disease can be seen in many freshwater fish species, including cichlids. As the name suggests, the main symptom of this disease is the appearance of an indent in the head of the fish. Other symptoms include a loss of appetite which leads to major weight loss. Studies indicate that this disease could be caused by a lack of certain vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

There are many other cichlid diseases that can commonly affect your fish and most of them are caused by deficiencies in water quality or diet. These are just three of them. If your fish is exhibiting abnormal behavior, he may be affected by one of the many common cichlid diseases. You need to identify what the disease is right away so that you can save your fish with the proper treatment. Identifying the disease will also tell you if it is contagious. If it is you will want to move the fish into a quarantine tank.

About The Author

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