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Salt Water Aquarium Set Up
 by: Joe Haworth

Salt Water Aquarium Set Up - Type Of Salt Water Aquarium

Aquariums have evolved towards a really popular hobby, with about millions of aquarium as well as tropical fish enthusiasts throughout the world. Starting up around the 1850s (when the forerunner of the modern aquarium were initially being created as a novel curiosity) the ranks of aquarium keeping has grown as more sophisticated systems including lighting and filtration systems had been designed to keep aquarium fish healthy. If you are one of those enthusiast, you will understand that selecting the type of aquarium is the primary step in aquarium keeping. For saltwater aquarium, there are numerous types of tanks to decide from:

The first type of saltwater aquarium is the fish only aquarium. This is probably the simplest to care for of the five types, simply because you are only working with one type of species. Throughout the saltwater fish there are both tropical and coldwater kinds. They cannot be kept together for apparent reasons. The water temperatures differ considerably. Tropical fish are commonly brighter in color, and therefore more appealing to aquarium lovers compared to the fish attainable in the cold water variety. A lot of people are

somewhat familiar with a few tropical fish such as the Clownfish or the Angel fish. However, very few people have heard of these types of cold water varieties as, the Shanny or the Tompot Blenny.

The second type of saltwater aquarium is the invertebrate only aquarium. Such types of aquariums often are made up of shrimp, prawn, hermit crabs and possibly even starfish or sea cucumbers. The third type is the fish and invertebrate saltwater aquarium. They are more difficult to keep than either of the two categories on their own. Several invertebrates feed on certain types of fish, and the opposite is likewise true. As a result, it is important to study the species thoroughly to ensure that you do not placed predator and prey

together inside the same aquarium. Ailments could also spread much more easily and tend to be more tricky to prevent and cure in aquariums that contain both invertebrates and fish species.

The next type of saltwater aquarium is the coral reef aquarium. Reef aquariums can be challenging to take care of and must be thoroughly researched prior to attempted. The final type of saltwater aquariums is the specialty aquarium. An example of a specialty aquarium might be an aquarium full of sea horses. Sea horses should not be held along with any other kind of fish or marine life, because they are timid and slow eaters. Their diet source can very easily be taken away by other tank mates. Seahorses prefer to swim vertically rather than horizontally, and should be located in a tall tank. An octopus and a shark or a ray are other good examples of fish that require exclusive needs and would certainly fall into the type of specialty aquarium.

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