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10 Ways for Single Parents to Create NEW Dreams with Your Child
 by: Laura C. Ries

Are you stuck in a rut? As a single parent this is very easy to do. There is so many things that need to get done, there never seems to be time for fun, much less time to create the life youíve always wanted for you and your child. Here are 10 ways to get you started on the path to having that life.

1. Picture it!

Make a collage of images that represent what you want in your life. Make this a family project. have your child make one, too. Talk about what is on each of your collages

2. Frame it

Get frames for the collages and hang them up in your bedrooms so you can see them every day.

3. Be Aware

Be open as well as search for opportunities to do what is on your collage. They are out there if you pay attention and act on them.

4. Little Reminders

Buy paper sacks and pack lunches. Draw little designs on the bag. Put a note of encouragement in your childís. Even put one in yours. Get into the habit of pointing out the good.

5. Talk about it

Ask your child what he would like to do/have. Allow him to express opinions and preferences. Ask him when deciding on what to eat, what to wear, even where to live. You get to know him better and he begins to learn how to make his dreams come true. Even if some donít work out like you planned, you can always create new ones. You are empowering your child.

6. Childhood Memories List

Make a list of things to do before your child grows up. How about flying a kite in the spring? Spend a rainy afternoon making paper hats or paper boats.

7. Small pet

What about a pet? Does your child want to be around animals? You could start out with something small like a hermit crab or a fish. Help your child decide by going to the library and getting books on the pets you think you might like to have.

8. Revisit Your Childhood Memories.

What childhood memories are your favorite? Share them with your child and do them. Did you ever make butter from cream? Did you know you donít need a churn to make butter? You could put cream in a jar and shake it until your arm gets tired. Then shake it some more.

9. Try Something New Be open to trying things that arenít on your list. I read about bubble tea in the paper and thought that sounded interesting. So I made plans to take the kids to try it. It was interesting and we talked a lot about the experience. And we now look forward to when we can go again.

10. Celebrate

One of the best parts of accomplishing something is to celebrate. This can be as simple as dancing around the house or ringing a bell. Or for some of the bigger victories, you can plan a party or treat yourself in some way.

This is your life. You get to create it. What are you choosing?

About The Author

As a single parent Lauraís goal is to raise her children to know how to make decisions, create goals and achieve them. She has spent over 10,000 hours learning how. And now she's teaching other parents.

This article is excerpted from the book "I'm a New Single Mom, NOW What?"
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