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Activity: Alphabet Preschool Ideas And Themes
 by: Jennifer Houck

When it comes to choosing an activity, alphabet preschool crafts are a great way for teaching new skills. Literacy is an important aspect of early learning and teaching the alphabet is critical to future success. When selecting an activity, alphabet preschool crafts, and lesson plans can ensure that the project you are working on is age appropriate, appealing to the child, and fun.

A great way to introduce your activity, alphabet preschool crafts, and lessons is by using an alphabet theme. Your alphabet theme will consist of a variety of educational activities, stories, songs, and more. By providing age appropriate resources your theme will be a success. There are many storybooks that will play an integral role in your alphabet theme. Some popular choices include Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and Alphabet City by Stephen T. Johnson. However, there are numerous alphabet books available at your local library, and these give you the freedom to create an alphabet theme based on your choice of book.

The book should be the core feature of your theme. Repetition is key to ensuring that children comprehend the relationship between your activity, alphabet preschool crafts, and lessons. Using complimentary flannel board games can help reinforce your story time as well. One of the best advantages of using an activity, alphabet preschool lessons, and crafts with your theme is that you can incorporate many additional areas of learning. Art can play a vital role in your lesson plans, but you can also integrate cultural awareness and science principles in your literacy projects. With creativity and imagination, you can customize or tailor your theme to incorporate any additional skills that you choose. When creating your alphabet theme, consider adding some of the following to your plan:

•Coloring sheets
•Creating Letter Books
•Making Alphabet Collages
•Flannel Board Stories
•File Folder Games
•Computer games and software
•Bulletin Boards

By creating and adding variety to your theme, you can ensure that children will remain interested in you lessons.

About The Author

Jennifer Houck is the owner of, the Free Parenting Resource for busy moms. Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date on the latest mommy buzz!

This article was posted on December 11, 2006


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