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Marketing/Promotion with T-Shirts
 by: webmaster customtshirts

T-Shirts are one the most common wardrobe items for both men and women that is one of the reasons why its one of the most often worn items. There are thousands of small businesses with storefronts across the US that are designing and printing T-Shirts. In addition to these local business gems, the Internet offers an even larger number of websites with custom t-shirt printing and designing capabilities. Individuals and companies alike are migrating to the convenience of Internet companies providing interactive online design and purchase tools. What a convenience! You can design and purchase your next funny t-shirt or promotional/marketing apparel without ever picking up the phone. In the US as well as other countries, successful promotional activity often involves the distribution of free t-shirts with the marketing slogan and purpose. T-shirts used as the promotional gifts of your business will increase your customer loyalty and act as inexpensive advertising. Custom t-shirts have a long and interesting history.

Since the 1950s when James Dean wore a white t-shirt under a leather jacket, t-shirts have been outspoken in their ability to convey attitudes. Nevertheless, it was not until the mid-sixties that they began to be used to deliver personal messages loud and clear. Promotional clothing is one of the most popular ways to solidify a corporate image. Businessmen wear branded polo shirts on the golf course and the younger generation will purchase sport fleece jackets embroidered with the logos of their favorite products, companies, and sports teams. Sportswear manufacturers proudly blazon their logos and labels across the fronts and backs of their products. These days, it is fashionable to wear the products that you like on your chest or your sleeve. Apparel printed with company logos have become hot fashion items, and t-shirts are no exception. If you're looking for an easy way to promote your company and build brand recognition, t-shirts screen-printed with your company's name, logo or slogan offer high return on your investment.

You can do the following 5 things with promotional T-shirts.

Inexpensive Advertising / Expand Your Audience

Customer Incentives / Reward Your Customers

Branding Your Marketing Team or Company

Relationship Building

Event Symbol / Event Recognition

Have you ever took the time to think if and how custom promotional T-Shirts could make sense for your business? Are you trying to decide on a promotional item to publicize your business? There are a great many reasons why promotional t-shirts fit the bill and why choosing promotional t-shirts as your net marketing effort can benefit your organization? Here are just a few of the reasons.

1. High quality custom printed t-shirts are always in demand.

2. Custom promotional t-shirts promote brand loyalty and recognition.

3. Every customer wearing one of your promotional t-shirts is a walking advertisement for your business.

4. 62% of the population own ten or more custom t-shirts, including promotional tees offered by their employers, favorite sports teams and local businesses.

5. 97% of people surveyed by a t-shirt manufacturer own a favorite t-shirt with which they'd "never part". (Why not make it one with your name on it?)

6. T-shirts have a long history and association with promoting favorite events, companies, and memories. The earliest uses of promotional custom t-shirts were as souvenirs of visits to popular attractions and concerts.

Promotional t-shirts make great incentive gifts for employees - but don't confine your giving to the employee. Many appreciate a matching version of the company t-shirt for their children and spouses. They also make great handouts and souvenirs at company events like picnics and family days.

You can also use promotional t-shirts as giveaways in contests and events held by your company. Radio stations, pubs, restaurants and clubs often give away promotional t-shirts to customers as prizes in dance contests, raffles, and other events. Promotional t-shirts are the single top selling promotional clothing item in the world, and with good reason. Take advantage of the low cost and high value of a screen-printed t-shirt for your company's next marketing campaign and find out for yourself why they are such a popular and valuable marketing tool.


About The Author

He is an expert t-shirt designer working with companies who are offering custom t-shirts and t-shirt design tools.

The author invites you to visit:


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