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Inverse Paranoid Web Marketing
 by: Slava Diamy

When you become Internet Marketeer you should become inverse paranoid - there is no other way of surviving in this e-world.

What does it mean to be reverse paranoid? The concept is simple and you might have heard it already. Well, to repeat someone's words, the main thing is to think that everything is done for your good. Yes, even bad things are helping you.

In website development and promotion it means exactly the same. This is a new age thinking paradigm, but it does work. Let me illustrate it a little bit.

Several years ago I had one site. It was attracting 1500-2000 visitors from search engines everyday and with Google AdSense and proper positioning - it was bringing some nice monthly checks for me. But one day I woke up and almost had a stroke. Watching the stats I notice that there are only 10 visitors on site. Next day was even worse - 1 visitor.

Site had disappeared from search engines like a flash. I don't really know what exactly happened. I was frustrated to say the least. It was a catastrophe! Disaster for my budget, as it was the only source of income I had.

Well, at that time I already knew the "inverse paranoid" principle. One thought kept bugging me: "Japanese use same word for "crisis" as they do for "opportunity". Homer: Yes, crisitunity!" (from Simpsons).

What was this opportunity for? What are you talking about? I wanted to crash my computer to pieces for such unreliance. Hours later I took a little walk and one thought popped into my mind. "What if I didn't earn enough and something (Universe, God) wanted me to earn more and this is a perfect opportunity to grow?" Actually, it was. By that moment I haven't been doing anything for months and months, beside cashing the checks and spending money.

It was an opportunity to start doing something, to take my lazy body from a couch and start working. And I did. I started a few more sites and started writing content for them, doing keyword research, exchange links, submitting articles - normal daily marketeer routine. Six months later I found myself earning 10 times of what I was.

Can you imagine? I almost destroyed all I have done and wanted to go to a regular job, instead of doing something that could earn me 10 times more!

Now can you say if that was a crisis or an opportunity? Become "inverse paranoid" - everything that happens to you - is for the best. It helps you in ways that you can't do yourself. Every crisis helps you to grow, become better and know more.

About The Author

Slava Diamy is an editor for "Web Success" category ( ) at If you'd like to know how to become successful in Internet Marketing - head to the site.

This article was posted on September 05, 2006


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