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Teenagers and Drugs - Stage of Exploration and Experimentation
 by: Adam Rise

The rate of teenagers getting involved with different kinds of drugs is escalating at an alarming rate. Even though governments and other agencies are trying their best to educate teenagers and implement programs to spread information about the harmful effects of drugs, many teenagers still fall into its evil trap.

One of the major reasons why teenagers are very susceptible to drug usage and abuse is because they are in the life stage of exploration and experimentation. The curiosity of an individual is said to be at its highest point during the adolescent years.

Many glue-sniffing cases have been reported and most of the teenagers involved in such cases simply said that they did it because they were curious and wanted to feel what it was like to sniff glue. Aside from being deemed as the stage of curiosity, adolescence is also considered to be a time of turbulence and adjustment. Sometimes, teenagers fall into the trap of drug abuse because of peer pressure and the need to belong to social circles.

As mentioned earlier, the stage of adolescence is a stage that needs the feeling of acceptance and belonging. Teen parties can become a haven for inappropriate experimentation with alcohol and is often served and given to teens without limit.

More often than not, teenagers experience their first experience with drugs when they are in the company of their friends. Some are even reluctant to try drugs but their feelings of righteousness are overpowered by their need to be socially accepted.

Alcohol is a substance that can be very addicting and may cause many problems and complications in a teenager's life. Academic performance may deteriorate and the quality of the relationships, especially with family, may also be negatively affected.

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