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Cold Cathode Lighting Innovative & Affordable
 by: Kathryn Dawson

Lighting is an essential necessity for any business or home but one that is often forgotten about or not given a lot of thought to. With a recent growth in lighting company websites consumers are becoming increasingly aware of just how important and effective lighting is, which has resulted in many unique and exciting designs at affordable prices.

Lights are not only there to let us see in the dark it also has many other aspects, such as lighting up areas where the general overhead lights aren't sufficient, creating a specific mood or atmosphere, and drawing attention to specific products or features. The stunning designs available these days mean that some lighting fixtures can be compared to a piece of artwork and itself be the focal point of a room.

The best prices for lighting fixtures is online, although high street stores can offer promotions and sales the simple fact is that they just can't beat online merchants for low prices due to higher overheads. You can also save a lot of time by shopping online, open as many browser windows as you need and take your time checking out the thousands of styles, designs, colours and shapes on offer. When you see a product you like then check if it is cheaper on another website, you get no hassle from sales staff, and don't even have to leave home for the ultimate shopping experience.

Online merchants generally post a telephone number if you need to contact them for further information or advice, or send them an email and they should get back to you quickly. Paying online is extremely safe these days too, and they deliver your products within a few days right to the front door!

If you are a commercial business looking for a lighting solution for your ceiling or walls, want to create a wall wash effect, provide light up panels and counter fronts, or generate a soft subtle lighting effect in any other location, then you should consider cold cathode lighting. In looks it is very similar to fluorescent tube lighting with its tubular shape, but is very different in the way it operates. The power surges into the tube as soon as it is switched on which means there is no irritating flicker as with fluorescent lights.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, once the tube begins to heat up the resistance to current flow begins to drop resulting in it steadily requiring a lower voltage to continue working, this can save up to 92 percent of energy in comparison to dichroic light bulbs.

Cold cathode lights don't get hot, can be as much as 5 times brighter than neon lighting, and have one of the longest lives of any other lighting fixture around, said to be up to 50,000 hours! Unlike regular lights cathode lights don't use up extra power from being switched on and off.

Cold cathode lighting is ideal for all kinds of locations and can be seen everywhere due to their many advantages. You'll find them in stores, hospitals, art galleries and libraries as well as many business premises. They are used to best effect in alcoves where indirect lighting for artistic effect is required, or to light up recesses and bays.

Cathode lighting is a big step forward for lighting manufacturers reducing the fixture to a sleek and smaller shape than traditional fluorescent lighting. With a long life expectation, no flickering to bother you, high brightness, and flexible nature it is a lighting fixture that is innovative and creative. They are also totally recyclable once they have come to the end of their lighting life, some websites will also ensure all their products are fully recyclable so do your bit for the environment and check them out.

Buy your lighting wholesale online and you'll get excellent value for money, even up to 75% lower than those on the high street.

About The Author

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Litecraft Commercial, a leading lighting wholesale company working with architects and interior designers in the UK. Check out their cold cathode lighting for ceiling cornices, and uplighters for a stunning ambient.
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