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UPVC Back Door Options
 by: Chris Coxon

A good quality, strong back door is important as intruders are more likely to choose the back area of your house to try and break in, it's generally darker with less chance they'll get spotted by neighbours or passers-by, also many back doors contain some proportion of glass. Buying quality new exterior doors and windows is essential as they deter intruders, reduce noise levels and keep the house nice and warm.

Traditionally doors were made from wood, however now there are a lot more options that don't need as much looking after. UPVC is one material that is becoming more and more popular with householders in the manufacture of windows, doors and other products, such as soffits, fascia boards and guttering. UPVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and has a tough GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) coating that has lots of benefits - it's heat resistant, doesn't expand or contract, and is resistant to ultraviolet rays which means it won't discolor or crack from the elements.

You will save money if buying UPVC as the heat stays inside and rooms stay cool in hot weather, noise levels are reduced and draughts extinguished. The excellent insulation and air-tight seals also ensures dust particles, germs and pollen can't get in, making life more enjoyable for those who suffer from allergies in the summer months.

One of the main concerns for householders when considering renovations is how much is it all going to cost? UPVC is one of the cheaper options to replacing rotting timber windows and doors and once they are fitted then they are guaranteed to last for years, also the maintenance is practically nothing as it just needs a clean to keep it nice and bright. UPVC windows and doors are also fireproof giving maximum safety.

Your UPVC back door can be found in a huge diversity of styles, colours and woodgrain finishes, choose white, green, poppy red or olive green for a really effective and noticeable look, or a natural wood finish in a glazed style to let the light flood in, or a solid version for extra security.

For something different then consider bi folding doors for a contemporary, architecturally and striking look to the back area of your house. Also available in UPVC, these concertina style doors are unique and are a great way to connect the interior of the house with the outdoor space. Easily folded back, they open up the room to allow for a greater area for relaxing, dining or just hanging out. They're also particularly useful for access if someone in the family has mobility problems. As homeowners and property developers look for new and exciting ideas to attract buyers, alternative style doors and windows are top of their list.

Bi-folding doors are affordable, with a simple functionality, using a bottom or top rail concertina mechanism, rather than a top-hung system. To take full advantage of the large panes of glass and the amount of natural light it lets in, the door system has slim panel gaps, which also boosts its visual attractiveness. The glass wall it creates can be as high as 6m and when sitting inside the sense of space and light created adds an attractive element to the house.

One of the main concerns when choosing a back door for your home is how secure it is going to be. Tucked away in the back, garden back doors are appealing to intruders as they are out sight. That's why it's so important to ensure your chosen door is solid and equipped with sufficient locks to deter anyone. UPVC offers the best option if you want to keep your family safe and sound at night as they are fitted with strong mortice or cylinder locks fitted for maximum security, toughened glass and unyielding UPVC construction to secure your home against forced entry.

You need to take certain aspects into consideration when searching for the perfect door or UPVC windows for your property, primarily how much money you're going to need, the materials the products are made from will give you an idea as to how long they should last, and the level of security they offer. UPVC can provide everything you need and windows and doors are available that complement each other so you get an exact colour match across all products. Look online for trustworthy manufacturers who can provide guarantees and offer high standards as well as delivery.

About The Author

Chris Coxon writes articles for Eurocell, a leading PVC profiles manufacturer and distributor in the UK providing a range of attractive and hard wearing UPVC back door systems such as bi folding doors. Complete your home refurbishments with their UPVC windows.
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