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Should I Worry About the Side Effects of HGH?
 by: Steve Cole

The simple answer to the question, “Should I worry about the side effects of HGH?” is simple. You should be concerned about the side effects of HGH, but not necessarily worried. Any time you alter your body’s chemistry or ability to produce a hormone, you should learn as much as you can about what the side effects might be. No reputable will sell you an HGH enhancer or supplement without being completely honest about the possible side effects. If a company says there are never any side effects and that you need to blindly trust them, you should look for a different supplier for your HGH needs.

Are All Side Effects of HGH Bad?

These days people assume that every side effect of a medicine or supplement is automatically bad. The truth is, many medicines have unexpected side effects that can be quite pleasant and beneficial to your health. In the early years of HGH therapy, the goal was to enhance growth, particularly height, in children and teenagers whose pituitary gland didn’t produce enough natural Human Growth Hormone. Over time, researchers and doctors discovered that these patients often lost excess weight and seemed to perform better at athletic tasks.

These positive side effects led to new research into how HGH could improve the lives of people who, as they aged, had experienced a drop in their HGH levels. The theory that HGH could improve their lives by increasing lean muscle mass, decreasing body weight and enhancing the immune system proved true, with the greatest positive impact on individuals over the age of sixty. Many of these patients experienced pleasant side effects such as an increased sex drive, more stamina and a better overall mood.

Of course, there can be negative side effects to HGH enhancement as well. These are often less noticeable if an individual uses HGH enhancers rather than getting the daily HGH injections sometimes given by physicians. The science behind the reasons boils down to a simple truth – daily injections force high levels of recombinant DNA HGH into the body, which can shock the system or trigger side effects because the body may not be ready for the sudden, increased surge of growth hormone.

On the other hand, homeopathic HGH enhancers actually stimulate your pituitary gland to stimulate more of your own HGH. Your body isn’t “surprised” by the increase because it is naturally occurring within your body, not being artificially introduced. If you look for HGH enhancers that are time released you can reduce the chance of side effects even more. A slow release formula that is absorbed into the blood stream at a steady rate won’t lead to spikes in HGH that can lead to side effects. The higher the quality of an HGH formulation, the less likely it is you will suffer from the unpleasant side effects of HGH such as joint pain.

So what are the negative side effects of HGH? The joint pain just mentioned is one that is often felt during the first few weeks of use, but this usually fades as your body adjusts to the increased levels of HGH. Fluid retention, another mild side effect of HGH, also usually decreases as time passes. If these are the only side effects you experience, you’ll probably agree that these are more like minor inconveniences compared to the many advantages of increased HGH production.

The few serious side effects, such as bone overgrowth, severe joint pain or an irregular heartbeat, are often the result of misusing HGH injectable replacement therapy. Be sure you understand how much HGH enhancer you should take and how often, and avoid the temptation to take more than necessary on the theory that “more is better.” This isn’t true and can turn an otherwise wonderful health benefit into a potential health problem.

If you compare brands and find the most trusted HGH enhancers available, you will be able to enjoy improved health and vitality without suffering from any serious side effects of HGH.

About The Author

The author knows the fact that side effects of HGH needs to be cared but not anything to worry. The side effects of HGH are different in different people. So it is very much important to know all about the side effects of HGH. This article well explains all about the side effects of HGH. For more visit and

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