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Are You Choosing Your Dentist The Right Way?
 by: Shervin Erfani

What makes one dentist different from another? How should we, as consumers, find the dentist that can take care of us properly? Who and where do we go for reference?

For everything that we need, there is a system says San Diego dentist.

All texts and information out there that teach how to find a dentist regurgitate the same garbage, and they all start by “Ask a friend or a family member”. The funny thing is that all have either been either written by non dentists or dentists who were practicing eons ago! So, the big question remains, how can you as a patient be able to tell the difference between a good dentist and a bad one? How can you tell the difference between quality dentistry? How can you be assured that the dentist gave you all the options that are truly available? How do you know that they are the right options?

Some people say that they can tell. Well, I would suggest you read on says Los Angeles dentist.

Dentistry has evolved tremendously, especially over the last 10 years, and is continuously evolving on a daily basis. But while techniques and materials are improving and changing daily, dental schools today are not keeping up with the pace, instead, they still teach the same things that were taught 50 years ago says Orange County dentist.

Beverly Hills dentist says that, the only way that a dentist would be able to tell the difference between good and high quality material to be used on you and to be able to decide which materials mix well with one another and which ones do not go well with one another is for the dentist to have the right type of training. What materials are used many of times in a dental office are based on the recommendation of the sales rep for the supply company, the specials that the specific supply company has that day and their prices. So the question is this, if your dentist does not charge you properly and if they are very cheap, do you think they can afford to buy the right supplies and materials? The answer would be a big NO. But is that really important? What difference does it make between using a cheaper material and the more expensive one?

I will tell you a story. About 2 years ago, I was on a panel of highly trained dentists to evaluate certain new products that are going to be introduced to the market by one of the big supply companies. They introduced a new material that will help to bond or glue on the white fillings to the teeth. Now, there are 10 different quality of materials in general that can be used for this, each one has its own indications based on the type of the filling, the quality of the tooth and how deep and big the cavity is. And to make it more complicated, there are subcategories of these materials. This company has had a bonding agent material that has served well and does a great job for certain specific situations. One of the issues is that most dentists only carry one type of these materials in their office and use the same thing for all instances. Why? Because most often they do not know that there is a difference between the strength of this materials in different situations. The sales reps know enough to sell the material, but are not dentists and do not know when a dentist should use these material. Back in that meeting, this company introduced a new version of this same bonding agent to us. Instead of having two little bottles and putting one drop of each on the tooth and place the filling over it. The new material, instead of two bottles, is in a beautiful pen like applicator and it auto mixes the material, so it can conserve the material.

When we raised the question of if the strength of this material is the same, the answer by the presenter from the manufacturing company was I am not sure. So he went ahead and found out that the strength of this material is 30% less than the older version. So why is this new material on the market? Because it looks cool? Is it because it is very difficult to put one drop each of the bonding agents on the tooth? Is it a marketing issue? Well, it was decided that this material is not good enough to be used. You would think the story ends here. Months later, I had my sales rep come into my office, telling me about this magical new material that makes my life so easy. She pull out this pen out. Yes you are right, it was the same bonding material pen. I asked her if they had improved the bonding strength. As I had expected, her answer was a simple I don’t know. We came to find out that it was the same sub standard agent that they had asked the panel to vote on! I asked her if anyone is using these? She said “This is the hottest thing in the market now. I have been selling this to most of my clients and they are loving it!”

Dentistry is advancing every day, materials are changing every day. The face of dentistry has changed. It is no longer about drilling and filling and taking care of cavities. Many dentists have learned to ask the question of why. Why some people more prone to cavities, why some people have wear on their teeth. Those who have dedicated their career to excellence have learned that they must continue to learn. This is the only way they can decide which material is ideal for one patient and is not good for another. To be able to look at a patient as a whole, not a tooth walking in. To evaluate posture, to look for signs and symptoms, to look at diet, to look at airways and snoring and sleeping and the list goes on. Today, we know that unlike Vegas, what happens in your mouth, does not stay in your mouth! Your mouth is the gateway to your body. In part two of this article, I will go over more specific way that you can evaluate your dentist.

Meanwhile, for some more information, you can go to to learn more about dentistry and who the top dentists are, truly, based on measurable standards, vs. all the other sites out there that claim to have the top dentists on their sites, but are rated based on the amount of money that these dentists spend on marketing.

About The Author

Top 3 Dentists is the creation of Dr. Shervin Erfani, DMD, a Fellow of the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics, Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and a Fellow of the International Academy for Dentofacial Esthetics. Dr. Erfani has been practicing for over 15 years.For more information please visit :


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