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Various Contraceptive birth Control Methods
 by: Aditi Rawat

Have you missed your periods and are now worried about pregnancy? Donít be worried there are various Contraceptive birth control methods available now that can save you from this sudden unplanned pregnancy. With the scientific growth in the time the presence of medicines as also other contraceptives has come up to help family planning programs.

Some common Contraceptive birth control methods are,

1. Pills

2. Prevention

3. Other methods

Pills: Pills are considered to be one of the safest one as a Contraceptive birth control methods. These pills are easily available in the market and you can easily get them without even prescription.

The next process is obviously preventions. Contraceptive birth control methods are available like

1. Condom: Condom is easily available in the market. And this is most successful and easily available way. As also condom is found to be very cheap in usage as other process.

2. Female condom: Female condom is not a new process but it is a bit costly than male condom but the success rates are higher than normal condom.

3. Spermicidal chemicals: This chemical is known for killing sperm. And this can be also found in emergency contraceptive pills.

4. The diaphragm: It is a soft rubber dome. This is very comfortable in usage.

5. The cervical cap: this is placed over cervix with jelly to prevent pregnancy.

6. Contraceptive sponge: this is soft saucer shaped sponge which is available in the market easily.

7. Surgical operation: Surgical operation or abortion is the way that can be said to have many side effects and if not done properly can be the cause of future infertility so it is better to have prevention rather than coming to a situation where you need to go for operation. If you have to go for operation do not forget to discuss your physical conditions as also future chances of pregnancy problems with the health care expert.

These are very common Contraceptive birth control methods. But before going for any process you must discuss with your health care experts. You must be careful about the usage process of whichever way you go for. This will help you in getting the best results all over. The best is to prepare before than going for surgical operation. You must be aware of the health conditions and prevention is obviously better than taking measures to abode. This way you will be living a healthy and successful sexual life without the fear of getting unwanted pregnancy.

About The Author

The author has given information about how female condom is used as a contraceptive birth control method. Read more on birth control methods for women and birth control methods for men.
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