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The Advantages of a Dish Satellite T V System
 by: Roger Overanout

Are you thinking about getting Dish Network or another satellite TV provider but are unsure how a satellite dish works? Here's your answer.

The basic definition of a satellite dish is a system consisting of an antenna that is used to receive audio and video signals required by satellite TV systems like dish TV networks, for high quality broadcast channels, many of which are not available through cable TV companies.

The standard dish used by dish TV networks consists of a concave shaped "dish" with a small pole aimed at its center [extending to the focal length]. A controller sends the signal via the pole [feed horn] that emits the signal [wave] from the end of the pole onto the concave surface, which then reflects the waves in a narrow beam to a selected audience.

The other part of this system consists of a "receiving dish" which has a bowl shaped dish with a pole [feed horn] similar to that of the broadcasting antenna but works in the opposite manner. The beam, which is sent by the broadcasting antenna, is received by the dish FIRST and then reflected to the pole, which then interprets the wave and displays the signal as the various channels we see on TV.

The Dish network satellite system also provides multiple satellite transmitting so that the receiving end can receive signals from more than one satellite. After this, the beam is transmitted via the feed horn on the receiving end side to the low noise block-down center [LNB] which primarily amplifies the signal received and reduces noise disturbances (other radio signals) that have been picked up by the wave while passing through the system. Then, the "filtered" wave signal is passed into the TV receiver for viewing. To complete the connection, the TV receiver has a black box that is connected to the receiving dish set-up.

Dish Network is the best way to go if you are switching to satellite TV. The set-up for Dish Network satellite TV is very easy and there are no installation charges for the equipment required. With Dish Network, you will have absolutely no budget problems. With a provider like this, you will have the receiving satellite dish installed at your home quickly and easily.

Satellite dish receivers have to be mounted in a high place away from obstructions. The ideal place is on top of the roof or outside a second floor or higher window. If you live in an apartment or rented house, you may need to get permission in writing from your landlord and submit a copy to Dish Network before installation to avoid future problems.

Do you have more than one TV set at home? Not a problem! With Dish Network's digital tuner you will need only one satellite dish for ALL TV SETS! There is no loss in quality when more than one TV is connected to the satellite dish.

Contrary to the popular belief that bad weather and rain storms will be a problem in receiving signal from satellite, the truth is that it will hardly affect the powerful satellite system and, at the most, might have a lapse for just a few seconds.

Dish Network also offers HDTV programming that requires end user to have a High Definition Television Set to receive the HDTV program. In addition, it also offers a vast range of international channel packages like Dish Latino and the Great wall, which require an extra operating dish called the super dish, to which users must subscribe.

About The Author

Roger Overanout

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This article was posted on August 24, 2006


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