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How To Prepare The Best Steak-Recipe Using A Gas-Grill
 by: Kathy Smith

Smelling the irresistible aroma of any steak made from gas-grill is the perfect answer to anyone's busy schedule. Grilling steak's an equivalent to someone's masterpiece, and with determination this could be learned by any patient soul.

There are a lot of factors to consider when grilling your steaks and this actually requires practice for you to perfect the art of grilling these meat slabs. A very perfectly grilled piece of steak is one great meal centerpiece and will wow your guests very much.

Read on to learn just how you could create the perfect grilled-steak through our easy to do steps full of tips & techniques.

Grilling a Steak:

Start by purchasing a 'fillet Mignon', this is that somewhat smaller piece of 'steak' that is boneless and was directly cut from the loin part. This cut is really perfect for gas-grilling. Using this kind of part is somewhat costly but worth every penny.

Season your fillet together with some fresh ground black-pepper. Allow steak cut to have its natural juices for that great flavor then leave them in room-temperature for about forty five minutes.

Set your gas grill to its highest settings. It's best to use metal tongs in handling your fillet cuts. After placing your steaks on the grill, heat it up for about two minutes.

Splash water when you notice anything that flares up onto your fillet. Lift fillet cut in a ninety degree-angle then put them down in an opposite side. Then flip fillet every five minutes thereafter.

Be careful when handling steak. Flip them gently & place them exactly just like how you got them. Leave them for about two more minutes. Gently turn your fillet while flipping them back again.

Slowly remove your fillets from your grill, and then carefully place them in your plate, setting them aside allowing them to cool for about a few minutes will allow your guests to have a juicier piece of steak with that really great flavor.

Hopefully you've learned a lot with the tips & tricks that I have shared in this article. Just because grilling is one of those easy methods of cooking doesn't mean that grilling a steak would be really easy. I'm hoping that the tips that I shared here would be helping you to achieve that perfectly done piece of fillet in order to make your guests mouth water.

Grilling a piece of steak tends to appear easy, though in reality in order to get that perfectly delectable 'grilled steak', practice would be the key to perfection. As much as possible avoid burning up your fillet. Practicing a lot would surely and truly make you a great cook in grilling a great 'fillet Mignon' steak.

About The Author

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