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Ikokore (Water Yam Pottage) Served With Carrot juice
 by: Titilayo Ajumobi


1 medium size water yam
1 medium size onion
2 medium size fresh pepper
2 cooking spoons of meat stock
2 cooking spoons of palm oil
2 knorr chicken cubes
Seasoning (curry, thyme and white pepper)
1 medium size smoked dry fish
1 teaspoon of locust beans
1 small tin of tomato puree


Grind the pepper and onion and set it aside. Peel the water yam, rinse it under running water and grate. Pour the grinded pepper and onions, add some salt, curry, thyme, white pepper, the 2 cubes of knorr chicken, the 2 cooking spoons of meat stock, the 2 cooking spoons of palm oil, the locust bean and empty the content of the small tin of tomato puree into a big pot. Pour some water into the pot containing the mixture and simmer for 45 minutes. Rinse the smoked dried fish in water to which some salt has been added, remove the intestine, the head and the bones and shred the fish then pour the shredded fish into the pot containing the other ingredients. Add some salt to the grated water yam and stir, then scoop the grated water yam into the soup and allow it to simmer for like 45 minutes to ensure that the water yam is thoroughly cooked, taste for salt and serve it hot. This serves 4 people.

Making of Carrot juice

4 kilograms of carrot

Thoroughly rinse the carrots to remove all the dirt from it and also add some salt to the water used in rinsing the carrots. Use a juice extractor to extract the juice. Carrot juice should be consumed as soon as it is extracted because it changes colour quickly, but if you have to preserve it add some lime juice to the carrot juice and refrigerate immediately.

About The Author

Titilayo Ajumobi is a system administrator who loves to cook and likes to experiment with different dishes to get the best out of them. For more information on different African dishes visit

Visit the author's web site at:


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