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Studying the Organic Solar Cell
 by: Jakob Jelling

There is an ongoing challenge to producers of renewable energy sources; this challenge is to increase the range of solar efficient products and make them even more efficient. With this the organic solar cell is becoming one of the choice areas for renewable energy scientists to study.

The reasons that studies of organic solar cells has increased is due to their advantages over conventional solar cells: they have a low impact on the environment, manufacturing is easy (in other words, cheap) and because they can be attached to flexible materials they can be put on many things (like cups, clothing, mobile phones and laptops). As improvements in efficiency are reached, these products are going to start being seen almost everywhere.

Research that is being done with these products isnít confined to one country. This research is being done internationally and many minds are collaborating and competing to generate higher efficiencies. The fact that they donít have as much impact on the environment as silicon based cells is of interest to those that are looking for renewable energy sources as a green alternative.

At this time there arenít definite plans to replace the current single crystal silicon solar energy solutions; rather they are seen as an opportunity in their own niche market. As time progresses and the focus of the research concerning these cells are expanded the organic solar cell might just become a contender for the current solar panel market.

An additional benefit is the organic solar cell can be printed in any pattern or color. This makes this solar solution easily integrated into a variety of products. Some of the products that are being looked at include beach tents, flashlights, clothing articles, and umbrellas. There are still regions in the world that arenít hooked up to conventional power sources, but the sun is almost always available at some time.

Having an inexpensive mode of providing power to suck a country would greatly assist them in moving forward. For developed countries, the concern about greenhouse gasses and power efficiency would be reduced following widespread usage of these types of devices. Developed countries also tend to have many different individuals who are busy and not always near a power source when needed.

As well as domestic benefits, there are a number of military benefits. Soldiers are constantly on the move and in need of power supply. One of the militaries priorities is to have this technology investigated for usefulness while on the field. A soldier would greatly benefit from a tent that held electricity that could recharge his phones, night scopes and GPS (global positioning system).

The United States, Japan, Switzerland and Germany are studying organic solar cells more than others at this time. The materials used in different methods of construction are of particular interest, especially those used in energy generating glass tiles. Currently these tiles are undergoing efficiency tests, but it is only a matter of time that people will start seeing these energy solutions in their everyday life.

About The Author

Jakob Jelling runs which focuses on solar energy. Please visit his web site to learn more about organic solar cells.

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