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Preschool Activities & Learning Aids For Parents & Teachers
 by: Marisa Robinson E.C.E

Preschool Activities & Crafts for Kids:

If you have preschoolers or young children, you are probably always on the lookout for NEW activities, games and ideas to help them learn, as well as keep them occupied.

There is so much mind numbing entertainment on the television today that sometimes we are best if we leave our and preschoolers & kids to entertain themselves! In order to do this, we need to have the activities, ideas, learning games & arts/crafts needed to stimulate their young minds.

To keep children entertained, you need to keep the ideas and activities fresh and exciting!

There are art activities, craft activities, science experiments, & physical activities as well. All of these are things that are essential for your child’s physical and mental development. offers a huge variety of games, activities science experiments, simple exercises and more for teachers & parents looking to entertain, as well as teach preschoolers and children. There are healthy recipes, playdoh recipes, coloring sheets, printables, books, activities, art supplies and a whole lot more!

One example of the kinds of preschool activities found at

Flower Power Science
(*example from )

You will need:
3 white carnations
3 vases or tall glasses
Red, blue, and green, food coloring

Fill each glass or vase half way with cool water. Color the water in each vase/glass a different color with food coloring. Place one carnation in each vase/glass.

You can document how many hours or days it takes for each carnation to start to change color. Which carnation changes color first, which carnation changes color last.

You can also use other colors like yellow, orange, or purple. Make a nice bouquet of “homemade” colorful carnations to display around the classroom.

These activities and games help to develop your child’s mind and teach them to be more observant, as well as learn. Your children will love to try the NEW activities & games.

Other Interesting Areas:


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About The Author

Marisa Robinson is a Professional E.C.E (Early Childhood Educator) and has many years of professional experience in teaching, and caring for children and their continued mental development!

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This article was posted on September 10, 2006


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