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How To Boost Your Booster Club Fundraiser
 by: Allen Williams

With budgets tightening the first area administrators often cut is their after-school programs and many booster clubs today can only assure their existence by self-funding.

Most booster clubs, like other school groups, have come to rely on fundraising to help pay for their equipment and uniforms as well as their trips to out-of-state tournaments and competitions, often not paid for by membership fees.

Booster clubs are willing to try just about anything to raise money. But selling popular consumer items is one of the most tried-and-true methods available today. In fact, product fundraising programs help non-profit groups, such as booster clubs, raise nearly $1.7 billion each year, according to statistics.

It is often the case that it is up to the booster club president to motivate the parents, coaches, teachers, students and other supporters so rally behind your president. Make sure everyone is moving in the right direction to create a fun and successful event.

SIGnaShirt Promotional Fundraisers are here to assist your booster club in reaching their goals. With Autograph Shirt Kits and other unique products. For additional information on how SIGnaShirt Promotional Fundraisers can benefit your organization, simply click the video link below.

Evaluating products for your fundraiser should involve a few major points of decision making. First should you choose a tangible product like SIGnaShirt Specialties Promotional Fundraisers or something less tangible such as candy bars and food items.

Are you stuck making bulk purchases and taking the risk of harboring unsold stock items or should you go with a company such as SIGnaShirt Specialties Promotional Fundraisers, where everything is made to order, removing bulk order risk. (No Bulk Pre-Purchases)

Should you go with products that are un-branded or branded products that will display your logo with the added benefit of free advertising.

Do you really want to have your team selling door-to-door, given the security issues involved, or should you go with a company such as SIGnaShirt Specialties Promotional Fundraisers that offers their clients a sales website to automate your orders.

Upon careful analysis, we think when you evaluate SIGnaShirt Specialties Fundraisers compared to other fundraiser programs on the market that you will choose to Spread The Power of a Smile with SIGnaShirt Specialties.

And you can also view the fundraiser program in action and learn why SIGnaShirt Promotional Fundraisers are rated in the Top 18% for Innovation and Marketability at

About The Author

President of SIGnaShirt Specialties Promotional Fundraisers at where you can view our fundraiser programs in action. For schools, camps, teams, clubs, reunions and events of all kinds.
The author invites you to visit:


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