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QuickBooks Hosting - A Superb Financial Solution
 by: William Smith

QuickBooks software is the most commonly used financial software in small to medium size business organizations. QuickBooks is a very powerful accounting software solution, and can work in a variety of industries and business situations.

Fundamentally, a hosting solution could be the right answer for almost any business. If a business is using QuickBooks, then providing online access to financial data for its financial, professional, or business consultants proves to be a simple, immediate, and cost-efficient answer in order to improve their mutual ability to collaborate or consult on various business issues.

Hosting QuickBooks provides your business numerous benefits.

Accessibility - Anytime, Anywhere

QuickBooks hosting allows you and your clients to access accounting data at any time and from anywhere. This means that client location is no longer a barrier. The finance professional and his /her client, who may be located on opposite sides of the street or opposite ends of the world, still have the same seamless interaction, as if they would have during face to face meeting.

Saves time and money

QuickBooks hosting eliminates the time and expense of upgrading and maintaining QuickBooks on your local network while giving you the flexibility to access your companyís data from any Internet connection. QuickBooks hosting reduces transportation costs as the finance professional and his /her client can work concurrently.

Multi-User Access

With QuickBooks hosting, multiple users are able to access company data on the host servers, allowing them to work in real-time on a single set of data files.

Co-Hosting Option

QuickBooks accounting software can be hosted together with other software, if required, for example, any of the popular tax software. QuickBooks can be co-hosted with various QuickBooks add-ons made by Intuit or third party vendors.

Always Remain Updated

With the convenience of accessing your latest and live QuickBooks data from anywhere and at anytime, you always remain updated about your crucial monetary data.

Convenient and Straightforward

If the accounting professional is handling certain processes for the client, such as payroll or bill paying, using the online system can make this sharing of work much easier and more straightforward.

Use Multiple Versions

Solving the problem of having a variety of QuickBooks installations and client data files on the accounting professionalís system is one of the best reasons to implement a hosted QuickBooks model. The requirement to manage and maintain multiple year versions of software, as well as the client data associated with it, is a big expense that the professional currently, traditionally, bears. This is a redundant resource, as the client is also bearing the cost of housing and maintaining their software and their own data. Using a hosted QuickBooks model centralizes the resource, and eliminates the redundant cost of having multiple year versions of software in two places at once.

High Data Security

QuickBooks host provides strong password protected logins, and high bit encryption and security time-outs to protect your vital data. All data servers are stored in locked cabinets at a physically secured location. It also provides full anti-virus solution and robust firewall protection, so that your business does not suffer at any point of time. QuickBooks host provides fully secured networking operations, so that you do not have to care about data thefts.

Topnotch Technology

Host provides fastest microprocessors and use high speed disks to assure swift networking.

Backup at Multiple Locations

Efficient and technologically advanced hosts provide robust backup at multiple locations.

Full-time Support

Competent application and cloud hosting service provider ensures 24/7 full-time support by security experts without charging any fee.

About The Author

William smith is an IT and Cloud hosting technology expert at Real Time Data Services (RTDS). He specializes in technical part of application hosting services such as QuickBooks hosting, tax software hosting, Peachtree hosting, CRM application hosting, and many others. The Author always remains fully updated on the current trends in the sphere of application hosting. He is actively engaged in writing articles on various cloud and application hosting topics. RTDS is one of the largest cloud and application hosting service provider.
The author invites you to visit:


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