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GeniusWiki - True Genius at Work for You
 by: Ashley Owen

Wikis are nothing new on the online scene - they've become enormously popular in a very short time. Wikis offer an excellent way to aggregate information within a collaborative environment and create an interactive platform for business or personal use. However, the growth explosion of wikis on the World Wide Web has lead to a number of very "generic" wiki platforms - GeniusWiki aims to change all of that.

This fully functional wiki offers an excellent base upon which to build a unique experience for users, whether creating a personal blogging environment or used for corporate needs. This innovative software suite features an array of powerful tools, enabling users to create dynamic content, in-depth environmental immersion for members and more.

Powerful Editors and Immense Flexibility

Among the most innovative features boasted by GeniusWiki is the flexible editorial system. Most web users are familiar with WYSIWYG editors. GeniusWiki combines the power of a markup editor with that of a WYSIWYG editor. Users will enjoy switching between editors at the click of a button and the ease of use demanded by today's online users. GeniusWiki enables easy switching from editor to editor to enable every user to maximize their experience with the software suite.

Information Safety - Don't Fear Data Loss!

If you fear your writing will be lost to the nether reaches of the World Wide Web, GeniusWiki helps here, as well. With its innovative auto-save feature, your writing is automatically backed up on a regular basis, during the creation process. You will also enjoy one-click save and publish when your content is ready to go live.

The Ultimate in Control and Configuration

For administrators worried about controlling the environment, GeniusWiki offers enormous benefits. For instance, GeniusWiki enables control of public registration acceptance, user page creation, user comment creation and even user offline content creation. Of course, control is nothing without the right configuration capabilities. GeniusWiki allows immense configurability through the administration platform, enabling admins to modify or delete users, enable or disable space deletion, create changes to the system logo and even modify the capacity of attachments within the system.

Drag and Drop with Web 2.0

Web 2.0 elements have been hot for a very long time and GeniusWiki brings out the best elements of this dynamic world. Through a "drag and drop" dashboard, users can customize their workspace to meet their differing needs and make the most of the experience. Implement widgets with ease, manage documents and more through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Dedication to Improving the User Experience

Unlike other "cookie cutter" wikis, GeniusWiki is geared toward improving the experience of each user through the implementation of tools such as Pretty URL, as well as the addition of a favorite and watched lists, the ability to create bulk uploads and more. GeniusWiki enables a truly collaborative environment with the utmost in control, customization and configurability.


Managing a collaborative environment is not easy. However, GeniusWiki provides blog space to track progress, as well as an immediate, powerful way to ensure the utmost in collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout the website. Users will be able to move blog pages to wiki pages and vice versa, install simply and easily, update through a seamless process and even use GeniusWiki as a document manager.


About The Author

Ashley Owen is an award-winning journalist with more than seven years of major news experience specializing in knowledge management, CRM and business collaboration software. Additional skills include editing, product review and podcast host.

Visit the author's web site at:


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