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The 2 Types Of Hybrid Cars
 by: Ricky Lim

Many automobile companies have spend millions of dollars each year in research and development of more efficient fuel consumption for cars. Each year more and more cars are rolled out the production plants and there is an urgent call by consumers and environmental groups to reduce the fuel consumption of automobiles.

With the increasing cost of fuel and the environmental concerns regarding harmful emissions of toxic gases into our atmosphere, automobile companies are forced to developed radically different types of cars. One of which is the hybrid car

A hybrid is powered by conventional fuel as well as uses electric energy. Hybrid cars have lower fuel consumption and are more environmentally friendly.

All hybrid cars are powered by two engines : a gasoline engine and a electric engine. Typically, they work in tandem with each other. The gasoline engine is used during starting and stopping the car. Once the car is travelling at a certain speed, the electric engine will take over automatically.

In the current market, there are 2 types of hybrid car. The first type is the series. Typically, the gasoline engine is used to start and stop the car. Once the hybrid car has attained a certain speed, the electric engine will take over. The gasoline engine is also used to charge the electric engine’s batteries. As you can see, both engines are used in tandem with each other but never together.

The second type is called the parallels. It has the same physical configuration of the series hybrid however the operation is quite different. Both the electric engine and the gasoline engine can be used to start and stop the car. The electric engine is used to boost the power of the car when required. Parallel hybrid cars are more suited for long distance travelling.

Usually, hybrid cars are built using very lightweight materials in order to reduce the load on the hybrid car when travelling. This help to save fuel by requiring less energy to move the vehicle. The tires are made more rigid than conventional vehicles with higher tire pressure to increase fuel efficiency.

In on whole, a hybrid car consumes 50 to 60 percent less fuel than a conventional car. The only obstacle is the high cost at the present moment but I am sure as consumers start to recognize the benefits of hybrid car, the prices will start falling and become more affordable.

About The Author

Ricky Lim operates a hybrid cars site at Visit his site for more information on hybrid car battery and hybrid car tax and other hybrid cars information.

This article was posted on November 27, 2006


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