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Save Money On Gas
 by: Charlie Bulow

You can easily pay 25 to 50 cents less per gallon of fuel, reduce your maintenance costs, have an impact on the environment, and help reduce our dependency on oil producing countries.

1. PRE - TRIP.

When approaching your vehicle you can spot numerous things just by looking.

Any drips on the ground? How about the tires? Any large cracks in the rubber, is the tread separating from the sidewall of the tire?

Every 2 or 3 weeks check your air pressure. Low pressure can decrease mileage and life of the tire by as much as 15%, not to mention throwing alignment off. This should be done before driving, when tires are still cool and it's best to go by the car manufacturers recommendation listed on the end of the door. Look for even tread wear, uneven wear usually is over or underinflation or out of alignment. Stick a penny between the grooves - if the tread doesn't reach Lincolns head go and buy tires.


Do you lack knowledge of how to twist your belts around looking for cracks on the inside, how to check your air filter, or even oil? I could show you how easy it is in less than five minutes so don't be afraid to ask someone you know, it really isn't a big deal - just beyond the scope of this article. If no one can show you, visit my site and contact me. An air filter that needs replacing can cut mileage by 10%; clogged fuel injectors or bad plugs can be over twice that much.


Resist the urge to 'top it off', finish fueling when the pump shuts off automatically, gas will slosh out. Do replace the filler cap if it's loose as gas does evaporate. Your local gas stations pumps measure the flow by volume so the best time to fill up is early in the morning when fuel will be the coolest. When you fill up simply add the product shown on my website, it?s dirt cheap,dramatically reduces emmisions and cleans out your fuel system while giving you an increase in fuel mileage of up to 35%.


You're driving habits can save so much fuel that most medium to large size trucking companies give a fuel mileage bonus. Practice defensive driving, stay aware of the road situation waay up ahead as well as right next to you, and behind you. Anticipate changes in traffic; entering, exiting, turning traffic, etc. Leave a comfortable gap between you and others allowing you to smoothly change lanes without touching the brakes. Staying aware of the big picture helps a lot, and will keep your stress level down. In town try to go with the flow of the timed lights.

Stopping and starting also has quite an effect on mileage. Instead of pushing you?re foot down, apply pressure. Let off the gas before the brake is necessary, you should be able to come to a stop applying a consistent pressure, not having to stomp down right before a stop sign.

Avoid idling when possible and remember, toady?s cars don?t need to ?warm up?.


Your air conditioner needs horsepower from the engine to operate, using more fuel. In hot weather a good foldable windshield protector is a worthwhile investment. Also look for shady parking spaces. When returning to a hot car roll down the windows to allow the heated air to escape, then turn on the ac, running at medium instead of full blast. The air will be cooler and your engine won?t have to work as hard. The same principle applies in the winter, it doesn?t help to run the heat at full blast. Some cars defrost runs off the ac motor so use only the heater if defrosting isn?t necessary.

About The Author

Charlie Bulow began driving professionally at the age of 17 and has recently retired from driving big trucks(now 50ish). Charlie strongly believes we can reduce our dependency on oil and has begun working with a new company called BioPerformance which helps achieve that goal. His website is:

This article was posted on February 20, 2006


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