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Author Elena Gorokhova Reveals Her Previous Occupation
Find out what did Elena do before she was an author.
Running time: 39 seconds
Tara Hyland Talks About Daughters of Fortune
This sweeping debut novel follows the lives, loves and tragedies of three very different daughters of an illustrious London fashion mogul.
Running time: 150 seconds
Shoshana Johnson Tells Her Story in I'm Still Standing
Shoshana Johnson, America's first black female prisoner of war, shares the story of her capture and imprisonment in Iraq and her rescue.
Running time: 119 seconds
Richard Paul Evans: the Walk
The new series from Richard Paul Evans, about a man who loses everything and decides to walk across the U.S. Join him on his journey.
Running time: 83 seconds
Author Christopher Moore on Vampires in Fiction
Comic fantasy novelist Christopher Moore discusses his influences when writing about vampires, as well as the recent rise in popularity of this fictional figure.
Running time: 152 seconds
How to Get Started Writing Picture Books
Many beginners believe writing picture books is easy, but it requires a lot of skill to pack a story into a few words. If writing a picture book is your dream, here are some tips to consider before you begin....
Running time: 275 seconds
How to Edit a Manuscript
in this book writing video learn about the importance of being able to edit the book you have written.
Running time: 478 seconds
How To Write a Book Proposal
In this video learn all about book writing and how to write a proposal of an idea for a book.
Running time: 1398 seconds
How to Make One Green Change Every Day For a Year
In this green living video, we speak with author of Sleeping Naked Is Green, Vanessa Farquharson about her year of living green and how we can follow in her footsteps.
Running time: 184 seconds
How to Play Quidditch
In this watchmojo video learn everything you need to know about the most popular sport in the wizarding world: Quidditch.
Running time: 175 seconds
The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World
In this book review, author Dr John Ralston Saul discusses the collapse of globalization.
Running time: 205 seconds
A Fair Country - Book Review
In this book review, author Dr John Ralston Saul discusses his book 'A Fair Country: Telling Truths About Canada'.
Running time: 147 seconds
How to Break Out of a Writing Block
This video explores some cool alternative methods of telling a story. If you're struggling to add some flair to your writing, check these tips out.
Running time: 296 seconds
How to Write Book Titles
Different Book Titles. In this last episode about Book Titles Dale Beaumont recaps on all the types of book titles and shares with you examples of them all.
Running time: 556 seconds
How to Create Mp3 Audio Books
In today’s episode Dale is back in the studio and he explains why you should and how you can convert your book or books into audio books.
Running time: 574 seconds
How to Write a Story Kids Want
You've got an idea for a children's book you'd like to write and send to children's book publishers -- but you're not certain if it's strong enough to invest your time and effort. Answer these five questions find out!
Running time: 249 seconds
How To Write A Book Title
How To Write A Book Title? In this episode Dale Beaumont stresses the importance of your book title and how to go about choosing a suitable one for your book.
Running time: 504 seconds
The Differences between Print-on-Demand and Conventional Publishers
Learn about the differences between print-on-demand and conventional publishers in this writers tips video series.
Running time: 398 seconds
Sales Channel Management Sales Channel Management...Where is the best place to sell you book? In this episode Dale goes through alternative distribution channels you can use to sell your book.
Running time: 419 seconds
Tips For Writing A Book in Less Time
Today Dale talks about how he managed to change one thing and write his book 20%-30% more efficiently. When choosing to write a book you need to choose what tools you want to use, meaning a computer.
Running time: 568 seconds
How to Deal with Writer's Block when Writing a Book
Learn how to deal with writer's block when writing a book in this writers tips video series.
Running time: 80 seconds
How to Get Started on a Book - A Guide
Learn how to get started on a book - a guide in this writers tips video series.
Running time: 243 seconds
How Long Does it Take to Write a Book
Learn how long does it take to write a book in this writers tips video series.
Running time: 77 seconds
How to Get Help in Writing a Book
Learn how to get help in writing a book in this writers tips video series.
Running time: 67 seconds
Learn about Ghostwriters
Learn about ghostwriters in this writers tips video series.
Running time: 73 seconds


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