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Visit the Rice Terraces in the Philippines
It's quite a rough journey to visit the rice terraces in the Philippines, but it's all worth it once you get there.
Running time: 679 seconds
Visit the Flower Festival of Bagiyo in the Philippines
In the third week of February, there is a flower festival in the city Bagiyo in the Philippines. The city is also called the 'Summer capital of the Philippines'.
Running time: 265 seconds
On the Main Road to Manila, Philippines
Saim Orhan is on his way to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, with his team. But then on the main road, they encounter a peculiar phenomenon.
Running time: 233 seconds
Travel Information for Manila in the Philippines
The Philippines is divided in three island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Manila, the capital city, is located in Luzon.
Running time: 615 seconds
Public Transportation in the Philippines
The Filipino culture is a fusion of the indigenous people of Philippines with Spanish and American cultures mixed all together.
Running time: 441 seconds
Explore the Local Life in the Philippines
Join Saim Orhan while he explores the local life in the Philippines.
Running time: 339 seconds
Travel Guide of St. Petersburg in Russia
St. Petersburg is the old capital of Russia. Many authors, poets and composers have been inspired by this beautiful city.
Running time: 468 seconds
Visit the Hermitage Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia
Join Saim Orhan while he explores the Hermitage Palace and the bustling Nevsky street in St. Petersburg.
Running time: 210 seconds
Symbolic Animals of Australia
If you are planning to fly to Australia, you have to be prepared to spend almost an entire day on the plane. In this episode you will learn more about the two symbolic animals of Australia: the koala bear and the kangaroo.
Running time: 561 seconds
Explore Sydney in Australia
In this episode of Ayna, host Saim Orhan, explores Sydney by helicopter and tells us about the amazing sites of Sydney. He also visits the Sydney Aquarium with its divers marine life.
Running time: 356 seconds
Explore Melbourne in Australia
Saim Orhan flies to Melbourne to explore the vibrant city in Victoria State.
Running time: 574 seconds
Explore Alice Springs in Australia
If you want to discover the heart of Australia, join Saim Orhan in his journey to Alice Springs.
Running time: 347 seconds
Visit Standley Chasm and Hermannsburg in Australia
Join Saim Orhan, while he explores the beautiful canyons of Standley Chasm and the endless deserts in Australia. He also visits the historic Ntaria, nowadays known as Hermannsburg.
Running time: 564 seconds
Date Gardens in Alice Springs, Australia
The dates were brought to Australia by Afghan merchants. In Alice Springs you will find the oldest and largest date garden in Australia.
Running time: 197 seconds
Visit Melbourne in Australia
Melbourne is second largest city in Australia and it's a harbor city. It is said that Melbourne is the best city to live in, in the world.
Running time: 347 seconds
Explore the Twelve Apostles in Australia
The Twelve Apostles is one of the most popular attractions Australia, attracting many tourists to this site.
Running time: 193 seconds
Explore the Island Mauritius
Mauritius is not a very known country, but it's rich in culture and it has beautiful landscapes.
Running time: 302 seconds
Visit the Potteries in Nevsehir, Turkey
In this episode Andy tries to make his own pottery when he visits a local pottery, which makes pottery kebab containers.
Running time: 333 seconds
Visit the Cappadocia Cultural Museum in Turkey
In this episode of Exploring Turkiye, Andy visits the Cappadocia Cultural Museum.
Running time: 343 seconds
Visit Balikesir in Turkey
Join Andy Martin while he explores and visits different sites in the province of Balikesir in Turkey.
Running time: 524 seconds
Visit Edremit in Turkey
Edremit is just outside the city center of Balikesir and is beautiful to take a rest before you continue your journey through the province.
Running time: 465 seconds
Explore the Edremit Area in Turkey
At the foothills of the Kaz Mountains in the Balikesir province, the surroundings are breathtaking.
Running time: 452 seconds
Visit Kayseri in Turkey
Learn about the history of the Kayseri area in Turkey.
Running time: 283 seconds
Visit the Haci Kilic Mosque in Kayseri, Turkey
The Haci Kilic Mosque was constructed in 1249 and has two identical doorways which are beautifully decorated. Andy also tries the famous Kayseri pastrami made of beef.
Running time: 372 seconds
Visit the Hunat Hatun Mosque in Kayseri, Turkey
In this mosque in Kayseri you can also find the tomb of Melik Mehmet Gazi. This mosque was also the first mosque to be built in Kayseri.
Running time: 246 seconds


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