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River Tours and Kunstkamera in St. Petersburg, Russia
In this episode of Ayna, Saim Orhan visit the Cathedral of Resurrection of Jesus Christ in St. Petersburg. He also enjoys the city by taking river tour. After that he visits the Kunstkamera.
Running time: 485 seconds
Discover the White Nights in St. Petersburg, Russia
For about 50 days in a year, people can enjoy the so-called 'white nights' in St. Petersburg, when the sun only sets around midnight.
Running time: 469 seconds
Explore Moscow in Russia
Moscow is one of the most famous cities in the world. It's almost 850 years old and has a population of about 10.4 million and is Russia's capital.
Running time: 279 seconds
Visit the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow, Russia
The word 'Kremlin' means castle or fortress. The city of Moscow was first founded within the walls of the Kremlin itself. Some of the most important political decisions of the twentieth century have been made here.
Running time: 320 seconds
Exploring the City of Moscow in Russia
Saim Orhan explores Moscow by taking a boat tour on the Volga river and by going through the Old Arbat street.
Running time: 384 seconds
Explore the Old Arbat Street in Moscow, Russia
The Old Arbat Street has a lot to offer to locals, but especially for the tourists who are looking for great souvenirs.
Running time: 208 seconds
Explore Monuments in Moscow, Russia
During the time of the Soviets, 90% of the churches were destroyed. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was destroyed as well, but it was rebuilt in 1996. It looks the same as the original and it took three years to rebuild it.
Running time: 259 seconds
Explore Dubai in the United Arab Emirates
Some say that Dubai is "an Armenian land wearing European make-up", to some others it's the "Las Vegas of the Middle-East".
Running time: 474 seconds
Burj Al Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Burj Al Arab (the Tower of the Arabs) was briefly marketed as the world's first and only seven start hotel and rests on an artificial island.
Running time: 418 seconds
Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Palm Jumeirah is like a small world in Dubai and people travel from all over the world, just to see it.
Running time: 144 seconds
Desert Safari Tours in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Many tourist take a desert safari tour in Dubai to explore the vast range of desert and the amazing view.
Running time: 479 seconds
Explore Budapest in Hungary
Discover Budapest by going to the highest hill in the city: the Citadel Hill. From here you will see that the city is divided into two parts: Buda and Pest. The city is divided by the Danube river.
Running time: 459 seconds
Discover the Matra Mountain Range in Hungary
One of the bridges that connects Buda to Pest, is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. Saim also goes to the highest point in the country, called the Matra Mountain Range.
Running time: 533 seconds
Visit the Gül Baba's Tomb in Hungary
Gül Baba's Tomb is one of the well-known links to Ottoman history. To some, he's a fighter as well as a poet.
Running time: 186 seconds
Visit the Castle Area in Budapest, Hungary
In the Buda part of Budapest, lies the Buda Castle. The Buda Castle was built on the southern tip of Castle Hill, next to the old castle district.
Running time: 219 seconds
Discover the Monuments in Budapest, Hungary
In this episode of Ayna, our host of Saim Orhan visits different monuments in Budapest. He visits the Esztergom Castle and the St. Stephen's Basilica.
Running time: 284 seconds
Explore the Nature in Mauritius
The beautiful coast of Mauritius stretches 110 miles, even more the island is surrounded with coral reefs, making it a perfect spot for scuba diving.
Running time: 234 seconds
Sugar Cane Plantation in Mauritius
Host Saim Orhan explores the sugar cane plantations on the island. He also visits the beautiful site, called "Seven colors of the earth".
Running time: 295 seconds
Visit the Botanical Gardens and Markets in Mauritius
In the Botanical Gardens there are tortoises that are more than 200 years old. Saim Orhan also visits the markets on Mauritius.
Running time: 309 seconds
Explore the Local Markets in Mauritius
Since the most Indian origin people live on the island, you will find a lot of Indian sweets and savory dishes in the local markets.
Running time: 210 seconds
Visit the Markets of Fez in Morocco
One of the greatest attractions of Morocco is the ancient city of Fez, one of the first capitals of Morocco. Fez is separated in three parts: Fez el-Bali, Fez Jdid and the Ville Nouvelle.
Running time: 558 seconds
Local Markets and the University of Al-Karaouine in Fez, Morocco
Join Saim Orhan, while he explores the local markets in Fez. He also visits the University of Al-Karaouine and after that he tries some local dishes.
Running time: 323 seconds
Explore Marrakesh in Morocco
When people think of Morocco, they can't help but think of perhaps its best known city: Marrakesh. The city is considered to be the heart of Morocco.
Running time: 520 seconds
Visit the Local Markets in Marrakech, Morocco
In this episode of Ayna, Saim Orhan visits the local markets in Marrakesh.
Running time: 345 seconds
Visit the Djemaa el Fna Square in Marrakech, Morocco
The Djemaa el Fna Square (Infinity Square) is a vibrant market, attracting many tourist because of musicians, local delicacies and acrobats.
Running time: 186 seconds


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