Videos on Relationships

Preparing Your Relationship for a Baby
Juli Auclair talks with an expert about how you can keep your marriage going strong after you bring home your new baby.
Running time: 316 seconds
How to Attract Your Soul Mate
Learn to attract your soul mate by raising your vibration and using powerful affirmations.Take control of your dating life by affirming that love will come into your life and that you deserve it!
Running time: 186 seconds
Understanding Why Men Don't Call After a Date
Marla gives some reasons why a guy sometimes won't call after a great first date.
Running time: 120 seconds
How to Convince Your Wife That You Are Not Gay Anymore
I've had some same sex experiences in my life and now my wife gives my a hard time for being gay. How can I convince her that I'm not?
Running time: 170 seconds
How to Convince Your Wife You're Not Gay Anymore
I've had some same sex experiences in my life and now my wife gives my a hard time for being gay. How can I convince her that I'm not?
Running time: 170 seconds
Office Romance Dos and Don'ts
Author Stephanie Losee says dating a co-worker is a good idea. She has a few suggestions for making the relationship work.
Running time: 339 seconds
The Best and Worst Date Spots
Better.TV's experts are taking about what to avoid and what to look for when looking for a first date location.
Running time: 262 seconds
Understanding the Female Sexual Attraction
Dr. Sylvia Gearing deals with the basics of female attraction and how to use it to your advantage.
Running time: 227 seconds
Female Sexual Attraction: the Physical Side
Dr. Sylvia Gearing focuses on physical ways to attract women and what physical aspects women look for in a guy.
Running time: 220 seconds
Female Sexual Attraction: the Personality
Dr. Sylvia Gearing teaches you how to use your personality and charm to give you a leg up on your competition.
Running time: 135 seconds
What You Should Know about the Opposite Gender
Comedians Sinbad and Frank Nicotero, relationship coach and self-proclaimed bad boy Steve Santagati, women’s rights attorney Lisa Bloom, comedians Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton, a.k.a. Frangela, and sexual health expert Dr. Jennifer Berman share what members of the opposite sex should know about their gender!
Running time: 282 seconds
How to Catch a Liar in a Romantic Relationship
Dr. Sylvia Gearing shares her tips on how to tell if your romantic partner is lying to you.
Running time: 230 seconds
Understanding Cougar Dating
Dr. Sylvia Gearing explains the cougar phenomenon (older women with younger men) in today's society.
Running time: 211 seconds
How Safe Is Vagazzling
In a recent appearance on the Lopez Tonight show, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt extols the benefits of vagazzling. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson demonstrates the latest trend in decorating women’s vaginas.
Running time: 203 seconds
How Hearing Can Affect Libido
"A lot of people think that music sets the mood," E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. "In fact, loud music can actually increase arousal, and even sometimes voices [can]." Listen to Dr. Travis, plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears use their "sexy voices."
Running time: 57 seconds
Foods that Can Boost Your Sex Drive
Find out what foods can boost your sex drive.
Running time: 124 seconds
How Different Smells Can Affect Libido
The Doctors and mommy correspondent, Brooke Burke, demonstrate how different smells can affect libido.
Running time: 106 seconds
Keeping Your Friends When Falling in Love
Question: Do you lose your friends once you fall in love? Dann and Jenn answer this question.
Running time: 92 seconds
How to Control Your Body Language in Flirting
This page will provide you with steps on learning how to flirt, by controlling your body language. When you are interested in someone, you may feel your body reacting to the attraction.
Running time: 45 seconds
How to Practice Flirting
This page will illustrate several ways in which you can practice your flirting skills and make a good first impression when meeting someone new.
Running time: 37 seconds
What Type of People Not to Flirt with
This page will explain one of the rules of learning how to flirt: don't flirt with someone your shouldn't be flirting with. Although you may find that you have an attraction to someone, they may not always be the wisest choice to flirt with. This guide will provide you with a few ways to learn who you shouldn't flirt with and help you avoid an uncomfortable or stressful situation.
Running time: 25 seconds
Using the Tourist Tactic to Pick Up a Girl
In this episode of DiGiTs Colleen instructs Matthew on a tourist tactic to get a girl's phone number.
Running time: 133 seconds
Relationship Advice from Tom Papa
The Marriage Ref Tom Papa shares his expert love and dating advice.
Running time: 201 seconds
How to Deal with the Awkward Silence in Flirting
Question: I want to know what to say when it gets all silent when you’re talking to girl, I really don't know what to say next? I feel like i talked about everything, please help.
Running time: 125 seconds
How to Make a Girl Liking You
Question: A girl says she only likes men who aren’t white. Is there a way to get her to like me even though I’m white?
Running time: 110 seconds


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