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True Vows - Reality Based Novel
Reality isn't only a genre in television anymore, now there are reality romance novels. Lesley has more.
Running time: 178 seconds
51 Dates in 50 Weeks
Kristen McGuiness documents her journey in her new memoir, 51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life, and she is here to tell us all about it.
Running time: 165 seconds
How to Make Your Parents Accept that You Are Gay
Question: My parents know that I'm gay and they just won't accept it. How can I get them to accept me?
Running time: 257 seconds
Custody Battle After a Divorce
In the United States about 50% of all marriages end up in a divorce. And of all custody disputes, the custody goes to the mother in 75% of all cases.
Running time: 340 seconds
What to Talk About on Your First Date
Going toe-to-toe on many relationship topics are Whitney Casey, Better's relationship expert and author of the Man Plan, and Jeff Wilser, author of the Maxims of Manhood.
Running time: 208 seconds
The Sexiest Color of Underwear for Men
Find out what color of man's underwear women from all over the world find irresistible.
Running time: 30 seconds
Friends with an Ex: Pros and Cons
Matt and Tamsen give you advice on the benefits and disadvantages of becoming friends with your ex.
Running time: 144 seconds
How to Make Sex More Sexual
Relationship expert, Whitney Casey, joins Better to go over some of the ways you can add sensuality to your time in the bedroom.
Running time: 232 seconds
How to Stop Faking Orgasms
Dr. Debbie Magids is here to address orgasms and help all women find and reach the big O.
Running time: 212 seconds
How to Stop Day Dreaming During Sex
Question: When my boyfriend and I have intercourse I always find myself thinking about things non-related. How do I focus more about what's going on rather than like a TV show.
Running time: 149 seconds
Telling the Truth in Your Relationship
Allana gives some tips on how to tell each other the truth in a relationship.
Running time: 96 seconds
Timing is Everything in Dating
When it comes to those precious minutes and finding the love of our life, our next guest says, timing is everything. Joining us now is Better's relationship expert and author of the man plan, Whitney Casey.
Running time: 216 seconds
Cheapest Date - He Said, She Said
We hit the streets to find out some of the cheapest dates couples have been on in today's he said she said.
Running time: 130 seconds
How to Tell if a Guy is a Jerk
Dating is tough enough without having to worry about weeding out the losers. But how can you tell if your new beau is smooth or a little sleazy?
Running time: 228 seconds
How to Shake Up Your Weekend Routine
Here to help couples get out of their weekend rut is Sarah Newell, lifestyle editor from the
Running time: 222 seconds
Tips for a Long Distance College Relationship
It is back to school for college students, and that means some couples could be reaching a crossroads. Our relationship pros share two different views.
Running time: 139 seconds
Defining What a Soul Mate Is
Question: Hey Dan and Jennifer, my question for you what are both of your opinions on the concept on "soul mates", and can you put that concept into what it's like on a daily basis?
Running time: 156 seconds
How to Have Better Sex Tonight
Whitney Casey is here to share some simple ways to have better sex, not tomorrow or next week, tonight.
Running time: 233 seconds
How to Get Your Long Term Boyfriend to Propose You
Rhiannon and Whitney discuss love, romance, sex, relationships, and more.
Running time: 226 seconds
How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work
Our relationship pros tell us how schedules and social media can help keep the love alive.
Running time: 116 seconds
What to Do If Your Parents Don't Accept Your Boyfriend
Question: I want to bring my boyfriend home, but my parent don't accept him. What should I do?
Running time: 156 seconds
Smart Women Travelers
Better talks to an expert to find out how to keep the romance alive when on the go.
Running time: 208 seconds
Places to Meet New People for Dating
If you are having trouble meeting quality men, Marla teaches you where to go to "mix it up" and finally find your soul mate.
Running time: 89 seconds
5 Tips for a Great and Long-Lasting Marriage
It's Paula's 39th wedding anniversary and she shares 5 tips for having a great relationship and marrigae.
Running time: 340 seconds
Having Sex with Someone with HIV
Question: I have HIV, but my partner does not. He thinks it's no big deal to have unprotected sex, but I don't want him to catch HIV. Should I give in, and have unprotected sex with him?
Running time: 163 seconds


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