Videos on Relationships

Getting Phone Numbers with a Fortune Cookie
Ever wanted to look into the future to see if you can get some DiGiTS? In this WatchMojo video, Fabrizio gets greedy when he takes some fortune cookies to the park to try to meet some ladies.
Running time: 123 seconds
Getting Phone Numbers at Yoga Class
Yoga girls are hot - smokin' hot - but also insanely difficult to score DiGiTS from. In this video, Fabrizio does some yoga in the park in an attempt to score some DiGiTS.
Running time: 163 seconds
Using Baby Decoy to Get Phone Numbers
Get a baby - any baby - and go get yourself some DiGiTS!! In this video, Fabrizio grabs a baby and heads to the park to score some DiGiTS.
Running time: 132 seconds
Using a Doggy Decoy to Get the DiGiTS
Does using a dog work to score some DiGiTS? Watch and find out... In this Presents video, Fabrizio brings a decoy dog to the park to meet some ladies.
Running time: 135 seconds
Why Long Distance Relationship is a Bad Bet
The " King of Las Vegas", Wayne Allyn Root, handicaps Roxanne's love life with her BMX racer star boyfriend. Will there relationship be a winner or a loser? Wayne Allyn Root gives the odds!
Running time: 478 seconds
Why Finding a Relationship in Vegas is a Bad Bet
The " King of Las Vegas", Wayne Allyn Root, handicaps Roxanne's love life with her BMX racer star boyfriend. Will there relationship be a winner or a loser? Wayne Allyn Root gives the odds!
Running time: 474 seconds
How to Spot Narcissists on Facebook
Dr Sylvia Gearing shares her professional methods of how to spot a truly self-absorbed person on Facebook.
Running time: 305 seconds
Why Men Cheat on Successful Women
Dr Sylvia Gearing explores why men are cheating on their successful wives, such as Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry. Make sure to watch Part 2, "Why Money Walks."
Running time: 243 seconds
Attraction Through Body Language
Learn how to attract your opposite with knowing body langauge attraction and how to flirt with your body. You can use these skills to attract women or just generally flirt. Learn how to usebody language to attract women instantly.
Running time: 146 seconds
Sex You Need to Have
Whitney Casey joins us to talk about the kind of sex that kind keep your relationship alive.
Running time: 253 seconds
Couples Tips to Lift Libido
E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson share tips for couples to help rekindle the flame.
Running time: 200 seconds
How Much Is too Much Self Pleasuring
Can you self-pleasure too often?
Running time: 105 seconds
How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy and Happy
Whitney Casey tells Rhiannon what might look effortless is usually because of something you would not think of.
Running time: 209 seconds
How to Move in With Your Boyfriend
Moving in together is a big step, but are you moving too fast? Here is what you need to think about before you make the move.
Running time: 153 seconds
Batali and Bourdain on Sex
Food and Sex: Church and State? Batali and Bourdain discuss this. What say you, serious eaters?
Running time: 123 seconds
What to Do If She's Only in It for the Sex
Question: What should I do if it looks that girl I'm dating is with me just for sex?
Running time: 136 seconds
How to Give a Chance in Dating
Our dating experts have all the answers in today's Ask Matt and Tamsen.
Running time: 153 seconds
Ereka's Girl Talk: Cheating Men
Ereka Vetrini and 4 other women talk about what they think about cheating men and infidelity in general.
Running time: 286 seconds
Ereka's Girl Talk: Flirting
Ereka and 4 other women talk about flirting. The question is whether it's acceptable to flirt when you're married or in a long term relationship.
Running time: 282 seconds
Relationship Tips for Parents
Dana Hilmer of Lifestyle Mom talks about how having children affects your relationship with your partner and how the relationship changes.
Running time: 264 seconds
Ereka's Girl Talk: Sex
Ereka and 4 other women talk about their sexual experiences and what women find important in sex.
Running time: 351 seconds
About Playing Hard to Get and Facebook Exes
Audra Lowe talk to matchmaker Hattie Grace Elliot about relationship and dating.
Running time: 232 seconds
Surviving Marriage During Home Remodeling
Audra and Jenn talk about design and relationships.
Running time: 208 seconds
What Pets Can Teach Us About Marriage
Treat your spouse like your pet? Psychologist, Suzanne Phillips is here to tell us it might be the key to improving your relationship.
Running time: 165 seconds
Renovating Couples Survival Tips
Better is joined by world class designers to talk about the best way a couple can go about redesigning their living space.
Running time: 211 seconds


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