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Difference Between Men and Women in Dating
If a guy stops calling or decides not to see you any longer, don't jump to conclusions why. It is usually because there is no romantic chemistry, but we often find ourselves inventing some pretty wild reasons for their disappearance.
Running time: 120 seconds
How to Ask a Girl Out
Not sure how to ask a girl out? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.
Running time: 138 seconds
How to Move Forward from a Bad Date
If a date doesn't turn out the way you want, move on with joy and see what happens next!
Running time: 90 seconds
Avoid Standing in Your Own Way in Dating
Sometimes we stand in our own way, preventing us from connecting to our soul mate.
Running time: 112 seconds
Debunking the Cougar Myth
Cougars are known as older women that go after younger men. But when Matt and Tamsen are joined by The Real Cougar Woman, Linda Franklin, we find out there is a lot more to it.
Running time: 227 seconds
Picking Up Girls at the Farmer's Market
In this video, Rob hits on a girl by trying to pass himself off as a jewelry expert and fails miserably.
Running time: 120 seconds
Dancing to Get a Girl's Phone Number
In this video, Rob shows off his bold dancing moves to try to score with females on the streets of New York.
Running time: 131 seconds
Why Driving Leads to Couples Fighting
Dr. Debbie and Audra talk about families, relationships, and more.
Running time: 226 seconds
How to Live Happily Ever After
Author, Alisa Bowman joins us with some marriage salvaging tips.
Running time: 230 seconds
How to Manage Stress in Relationship Communication
Dr. Debbie is here to help us protect our relationships and combat the heightened stress associated with this time of the year.
Running time: 289 seconds
Picking Up Girls at Hot Sweaty Yoga Lessons
Less talk, more yoga. In this Rob is told to focus on his yoga skills as he tries to get a girl's DiGiTS during class.
Running time: 147 seconds
Getting the Digits: the Stalker Challenge
In this Rob confesses he's been in jail for stalking while trying to get a girl's DiGiTS.
Running time: 152 seconds
Why Women Hold On to Trauma
Dr. Sylvia Gearing reveals the devastating effects of trauma (particularly infidelity trauma) on women.
Running time: 126 seconds
How to Find Love Online
Online dating may seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Our relationship pros Matt and Tamsen tell us how to find love in the digital world.
Running time: 219 seconds
Asking a Girl Out with a Fake Accent
In this video Rob pretends to be a tourist with a British accent in an attempt to get a woman's DiGiTS in New York City.
Running time: 135 seconds
How to Tell If You Are in a Controlling Relationship
Is your relationship in a comfortable, steady state or are you being pushed more than you can appreciate? Is it just one issue in your relationship or does your entire relationship feel overly controlling to you?
Running time: 181 seconds
Finding Your Soul Mate
Dr. Sylvia Gearing shares her professional tips and tricks to eat, pray, and love at home! In this episode she talks about how to find your soul mate.
Running time: 231 seconds
Dreaming About Cheating vs. Actually Cheating
Question: "I have been dating the most beautiful girl for the past 3 years and i love her with all my heart and would never even consider cheating on her. But lately i have been having a lot of dreams of me having an affair on her with other girls i use to know. I wake up i feel ashamed that I'm having dreams of hurting her and being with another woman. Any reasons why this might be happening?" Be sure to check out Melody's latest ...
Running time: 114 seconds
Pick Up Line Tip
If you're looking for a good pick up line or want to know how to attract women then be sure you get the advice from a woman.
Running time: 78 seconds
How to Babyproof Your Marriage
Better brings aid on how to deal with the biggest step in any relationship: adding a baby to the mix. We sat down with experts to bring you the scoop.
Running time: 176 seconds
How to Avoid Holiday Stress
We talked with two families about juggling their family relationships during holiday time, and an expert with some great tips on how to avoid the stress.
Running time: 255 seconds
How to Rekindle Your Sex Life After Having a Baby
For many women, a new baby means your whole life changes - including your sex life. How do you keep romance alive when all you want to do when you get into bed is sleep? Therapist Rachel Sussman has tips to help you rekindle your sex life after the baby comes.
Running time: 287 seconds
How to Maintain Mystery in a Relationship
Too much togetherness can be bad for a marriage. It can lead to boredom and a lack of individuality. Couples therapist and author Esther Perel says you can be closer by adding distance and mystery to your relationship.
Running time: 260 seconds
How to Get a Guy to Ask You on a Date
You’ve met someone interesting and you're hoping he’ll call for a date. What now? Here are the rules according to Janis Spindel, founder of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking.
Running time: 182 seconds
Gillian Telling Reveals Sex Secrets
Lesley went to the opening for the new book, Dirty Girl, to find out what the author has to say about the differences between men and women.
Running time: 203 seconds


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