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Raj Patel on the Meaning of Food Sovereignty
Raj Patel, author of The Value of Nothing, explains what food sovereignty means, and why people around the world are fighting to have a say in their own food system. This is as much a fight for social justice as it also is a fight to preserve the environment, and have fair access to food, and the ability of communities, states, and nations to determine their own food policies.
Running time: 375 seconds
Raj Patel on Why a Hamburger Should Cost $200
Patel argues that corporations, driven only to achieve profits, do not try to satisfy real human needs. For example, Patel presents us with the true cost of a hamburger, not a $10 hamburger (that would be considered to many, pricey enough) but a $200 hamburger! How can that be? You have to factor in the externalities, such as the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from cattle, the amount of trees leveled in rain forests to satisfy meat supply etc.
Running time: 238 seconds
Claire Hope Cummings on GMO Politics and Small Farmers
In part two, Claire Hope Cummings raises a number of troubling concerns that are at the heart of what threatens our future food supply. Cummings informs us, there are only about a handful of global agri-chemical companies, and they are threatening the livelihoods of farmers, limiting the range of food choices in the marketplace, and introducing dangerous technologies, including GMO's (genetically modified organisms), that poses significant threats to agriculture, and the environment.
Running time: 265 seconds
Dan Imhoff on the Effects of the Farm Bill
The 2007 Farm Bill legislation will cost taxpayers $90 billion dollars in farm subsidies, and will only benefit a small percentage of farmers. Indeed, Dan Imhoff, author of Food Fight: The Citizen's Guide to the Food and Farm Bill explains, little money goes to the small farmer, and almost nothing to promote the production of fresh foods for healthy human consumption.
Running time: 355 seconds
Activist Starchild on Ron Paul, Ayn Rand and Street-Level Libertarianism's Tim Cavanaugh sat down with Starchild, who recently ran forSan Francisco School Board as the Libertarian candidate, at the Libertopia 2010 conference in Hollywood. Their discussion covers topics such as the history of the libertarian movement, why San Francisco actually is a very libertarian city despite being named's Nanny of the Year and why libertarians need to look to groups such as the Black Panthers as models for political activism.
Running time: 458 seconds
The United States: A Petri Dish of Liberal Democracy
The United States: A Petri Dish of Liberal Democracy Commonwealth Club - The Commonwealth Club of California Timothy Ferris, Former Editor of Rolling Stone and Professor Emeritus at U.C. Berkeley, makes the case that science inspired the spread of democracy.
Running time: 132 seconds
9/11 Related Health Compensation Bill Passed
Politicians and first responders come out to Ground Zero today to celebrate the passage of the Zadroga Bill.
Running time: 148 seconds
Why the Feds Banned Four Loko
The drink had been the subject of many media reports which suggested that Four Loko's mixture of alcohol and caffeine causes young people to engage in risky behavior. Do drinks like Four Loko pose a unique danger to America's youth or is this episode more proof that that mixing media and politics can be hazardous to your freedom?
Running time: 205 seconds
President Obama's Weekly Address for December 18th 2010
The President gives his weekly address.
Running time: 266 seconds
How to Opt Out of a Full Body Scan at an Airport
Nearly 70 U.S. airports are now equipped with nearly 400 so-called Airport "full-body scanners", a type of technology that provides detailed images of passengers as they prepare to board planes. According to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration or TSA, the scanners allow workers to detect any metallic or non-metallic objects on a person that could "pose a threat to aviation security". These scanners can actually see through the clothes of travelers.
Running time: 137 seconds
Full Body Scanner Images
As of November 2010, sixty eight airports in the United States had begun using 365 full body scanners that can "see through" the clothes of passengers. The Transportation Security Administration anticipates to have 500 scanners installed by the beginning of 2011 and twice that many by the end of the same year.
Running time: 133 seconds
Congressman Charles Rangel on Being Censured
Charles Rangel speaks at Harlem Hospital Center
Running time: 64 seconds
New Yorkers Protest Against NYC School Chancellor Cathie Black
In New York, a small crowd protested against the election Cathie Black for as the New York City School Chancellor. Protesters said she lacked hands on experience in the New York school system.
Running time: 95 seconds
HuffPo Eat The Press Editor Rachel Sklar on Themes in Election Coverage
The theme of women in power has played a central role in media coverage this election, according to Rachel Sklar, editor of The Huffington Post's Eat The Press page. Sklar spoke on a panel at the TimeWarner Politics 08 Summit today called "Playing Politics with Gender - Media, Candidates, and the Majority Vote." Sklar has followed stories about Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, and the candidates wives with interest.
Running time: 198 seconds
CNN's Campbell Brown on a Journalist's Role in the Political Debate
When a candidate says something that is incorrect, pointing it out to the viewers isn't partisan, according to Campbell Brown, anchor of CNN's Campbell Brown: Election Center. "If I don't [point it out to my viewers], I'm insulting their intelligence, and I'm not comfortable with myself, because I'm ignoring something that is clearly factual and is staring me in the face," she says.
Running time: 222 seconds
Californian Democrats and Social Justice
Democrats are supposed to work towards the goal of social justice, right? So why is it that so many policies supported by California Democrats end up harming poor people and minorities?'s Paul Feine sat down with journalist Chris Reed to talk about public employee unions, welfare reform, Walmart, the drug war, and environmental regulations. Chris Reed is an editorial writer for the San Diego Union Tribune.
Running time: 560 seconds
Airport Strip Search Instruction Video
You've heard about the passenger who opted out of a full-body scan (a.k.a. "a virtual strip search") and was subjected to an intrusive and humiliating pat down. "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested", passenger John Tyner told Transportation Security Administration workers in San Diego.
Running time: 163 seconds
44 Ways to Say TSA
What do the initials "TSA" really stand for? Warning: Immature Subject Matter. Viewer discretion is advised Approximately 75 seconds "44 Ways to Say TSA" is produced by Ted Balaker Edited by Austin Bragg, and written by Balaker, Bragg, Hawk Jensen, Alex Manning, Jacob Sullum, and Zach Weissmueller.
Running time: 74 seconds
The Long-Term Meaning of the Mid-Term Elections
Just how libertarian is the Tea Party? Do GOP gains in the midterm elections mean voters like Republicans or are angry at Obama? Are any of the newly elected pols serious about cutting spending?
Running time: 2864 seconds
Richard Epstein on Barack Obama
Few legal scholars have blown as many minds and had the tangible impact that Richard Epstein has managed.
Running time: 751 seconds
The Latest on Obama's Tour in India
President Obama is in New Delhi, India pushing to improve ties and open the Indian economy to U.S. products. Chip Reid reports.
Running time: 157 seconds
Brian Doherty Explains the Failure of Prop 19
In the 2010 election, California voters rejected Proposition 19, which would have legalized the possession and sale of marijuana in the state. Reason Senior Editor Brian Doherty explains to why Prop. 19 lost, and says that despite electoral defeat, the proposition actually resulted in a number of victories for the legalization movement.
Running time: 319 seconds
New Yorkers Arrive at the 2010 Polls
Interviews with New York voters at the poll stations, saying the general mood at the polls is one of apathy and disappointment.
Running time: 97 seconds
Filmmaker Bill Mundell on Gerrymandering
Why bother stuffing ballots when you can just draw districts to ensure your re-election? The new documentary Gerrymandering exposes what executive producer Bill Mundell calls "the most effective form of manipulating elections short of outright fraud." Mundell sat down with's Tim Cavanaugh to talk about the new documentary, the consequences of political redistricting, and what can be done to un-rig elections.
Running time: 562 seconds
Former President Bill Clinton's Speech at the Cuomo Rally in Brooklyn
Former President Bill Clinton makes his speech at Mario Cuomo's election rally in Brooklyn, NYC.
Running time: 162 seconds


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