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Niall Ferguson Likens Post-American World to Dark Ages
Niall Ferguson, David Gergen, and Mort Zuckerman discuss how America's global standing will be affected by the continuing financial crisis. Ferguson argues that a world where America isn't a superpower, will take us back to the dark ages.
Running time: 160 seconds
The Possible Cause for a Healthcare Reform Derailment
Hoover fellows Daniel Kessler and David Brady speculate on Congress' reluctance to support President Obama's healthcare reform plan. They explain that in addition to uncertainties surrounding the effectiveness of the plan, politicians have to contend with reelection concerns.
Running time: 124 seconds
Abbas Milani on Ahmadinejad's Parallel Universe
Abbas Milani hosts a forum with Stanford University students to discuss his new book, The Myth of the Great Satan: A New Look at America's Relations with Iran.
Running time: 273 seconds
Daniel Kessler on the Death of the Public Health Option
Hoover fellows Daniel Kessler and David Brady argue that regardless of whether a healthcare bill passes, the public option is dead. They claim that the Blue Dogs and other moderate Democrats will be unwilling to vote for such a contentious issue.
Running time: 157 seconds
The Unfair Advantage of Government Backed Healthcare
Michael Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, denounces a public option. He says a government backed health plan will gain an unfair advantage over the private market simply by being "a creature of Congress."
Running time: 115 seconds
Dr. Walter Bortz Slams the US Healthcare System
Rife with inefficiency, injustice, corruption and rising costs, current medicine is exhibiting all the symptoms of a languishing patient, says Dr. Bortz. It may be time to put our medical system through major therapy. Simultaneously, a rigorous new science is teaching us that prevention truly is the best way to stay healthy.
Running time: 220 seconds
Rep. Ryan Explains the Patients' Choice Health Care Act
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will discuss the impacts of various possible health care reforms.What positive reforms could be done? What will happen if we pass the wrong reforms? And what would the cost be of no reform at all?
Running time: 366 seconds
Liberals and the Ground Zero Mosque Opposition
The clearance by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission for the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" to be built in lower Manhattan received national coverage amidst a raging debate. Initiated by Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich and then weighed in upon by Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama, the debate focuses on whether Park 51, the 13-story Islamic cultural center, should be allowed to be built so close to Ground Zero.
Running time: 367 seconds
Stephen Hadley on the Challenges of a United Nations Standing Army
Africa and Smart Development Policy with Stephen Hadley, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. Carnegie President Jessica T. Mathews moderates the event. Hadley discusses on creating and challenges to a UN standing army.
Running time: 171 seconds
Grading the Governors in 2010
How would you grade your governor? Chris Edwards, the CATO Institute's director of tax policy studies, has analyzed and graded the fiscal records of 45 state governors. "The only A Students: S.C.'s Mark Sanford (R), La.'s Bobby Jindal (R), Minn.'s Tim Pawlenty (R), W.Va.'s Joe Manchin (D). Otherwise there were 15 B's, 8 C's, 11 D's and 7 F's."
Running time: 565 seconds
Stanford's Lawrence Lessig on Government Corruption and Blog Power
Earlier today at the Personal Democracy Forum, we spoke with Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig who is spending a great deal of time on congressional reform movement called Change Congress. He co-founded the new organization with Joe Trippi. Handling the interview here was Caroline McCarthy of CNET who filed a story earlier in the day on Lessig's keynote speech. Lessig spoke about the need for reform in campaign funding for congress.
Running time: 868 seconds
Spiking Birth Rates and Religious Fundamentalism
Eric Kaufmann is a political scientist and author of the recently published Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?.With all the current talk about the revival of religion, political scientist Eric Kaufmann takes a look at the statistics and muses that if demography is any guide, the world over the next half century will become much more religious and much more conservative.
Running time: 157 seconds
Richard Wolffe on Obama, Palin and the Great Tax Debate
Richard Wolffe, award-winning journalist, NBC and MSNBC political analyst, and author of the New York Times best-selling political epic, Renegade: The Making of a President, tells the dramatic inside story of the defining period of the Obama White House, based on exclusive interviews with President Obama and his White House staff.As Newsweek's former senior White House correspondent, Wol
Running time: 173 seconds
The Need for Government Subsidies for Viagra
Across the world, the story is the same. Sex scandal. Media frenzy. Another prominent man caught with his pants down. So, why do men take such risks for sex? Bettina Arndt's new book, What Men Want - in bed, is all about why sex matters so much to men. More than 150, mostly older, men kept diaries for her, talking about what it is like to live with that constant sparking sexual energy.
Running time: 227 seconds
Why the New Congress Won't Cut Spending
Is it too soon to declare the new Congress a failure? Ever since their midterm election triumph, Republicans have talked tough about cutting spending. Here's hoping they make good on those promises, but they spouted the same tough talk after their 1994 election triumph and look what happened. Back then the GOP revolutionaries targeted more than 200 programs for complete and utter elimination.
Running time: 82 seconds
Richard Durana on Slashing Spending in Post-Soviet Slovakia
Since the end of communism in 1989, Slovakia has experienced rapid economic growth by privatizing industries and liberating its markets, allowing its citizens to enjoy the same standard of living as their Western European neighbors. However, government spending is still out of control. Richard Durana, director of the Slovakia Institute for Economic and Social Studies.
Running time: 304 seconds
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Is Sworn In
Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Schumer, and actor Alec Baldwin speak as Eric Schneiderman is sworn in.
Running time: 158 seconds
President Obama Tabs a New Chief of Staff
William Daley will replace Rahm Emanuel as Obama's new Chief of Staff.
Running time: 148 seconds
WSJ's Mary Anastasia O'Grady on the Needs of Latin America's Nick Gillespie sat down with Mary Anastasia O'Grady, a member of the Wall Street Journal's Editorial Board and a Journal columnist specializing in Latin America, to talk about the outlook for the region - and how free trade and drug legalization would go a long way to solving Latin America's problems.
Running time: 372 seconds
The Global Causes of Water Scarcity
John Todd says that water scarcity is a global issue that is exacerbated by bad water management. Population growth, intensive agriculture and improved technologies for extracting water in India and China are all causes of water scarcity. Global water shortage is highly likely to cause water wars.
Running time: 236 seconds
The Case Against Water Privatization
Water privatization is a terrifying phenomenon, says John Todd. The privatization of the world's water resources by multinational corporations results in increased costs and poorer service. Bottled water is also a threat to free water. Big businesses increasingly control access to clean water.
Running time: 230 seconds
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho on Genetic Engineering Safety
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho says that genetic modification is not safe. As the genetic engineering industry grows and GM foods become more common, there is growing debate about the pros and cons of genetic modification.
Running time: 253 seconds
When Global Gas Supply Peaks
Matthew Simmons says our global gas supply may peak before oil supply peaks and warns that switching from gas will be harder than transitioning from oil. Gas was always priced at a discount to oil because it’s hard to transport. Now, many major gas reserves are already in production decline.
Running time: 66 seconds
Michael Meacher on the Problems of Genetic Modification
Michael Meacher, former UK Environment Minister, argues that the risks associated with the technology of genetic modification are in the way it is used and validated, rather than with the technology itself. He says too little is known about the consequences of GM. Biotechnology companies, who will benefit financially, are not motivated to investigate further.
Running time: 439 seconds
How to Create a Fair Global Agricultural System
Mohau Pheko argues that we need a fair global agricultural system. Farm subsidies favor multinational corporations and the rich at the expense of small-scale farmers. A small number of multinational agribusinesses such as Cargill and Monsanto have huge power over global food production. Food production, food prices and food security are political issues.
Running time: 329 seconds


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