Videos on Pets And Animals

Homeopathy Treatments for Dogs
Homeopathy, an alternative therapy, is making a comeback. One veterinarian has found good success with this type of medicine on some of her dog patients.
Running time: 268 seconds
Learn About Movie Dogs
What is it like for dogs on a movie set? Viewers go on set to see. They hear from the dog trainer, the SPCA supervisor, the director and others. There is a small moment of panic for a poodle that doesn't swim.
Running time: 248 seconds
Training Dog Actors
How can you get your dog into the movies? What training does your dog need to get into the movies? Find out in this training session and meet a dog movie trainer.
Running time: 307 seconds
Dog Safety in Movies
How do they ensure that no animals are harmed on a movie set? Who supervises dogs on sets? What kind of animal props are made so animals are less likely to be hurt while filming a movie? There are SPCA representatives, dog trainers for movies, and people who make animal props.
Running time: 287 seconds
Dog Adoption - Gillian Adopts a Traumatized Dog
How can you help an adopted dog that has been seriously abused in the past? How can you help a rescued or adopted dog who has lived in a shelter for a really long time? One woman shows how she deals with her dog who has been abused, abandoned, beaten, and hit by a truck with gentle and positive care.
Running time: 302 seconds
Adopting an Abandoned Dog
How do you deal with a very timid dog that has lived in a shelter for a long period of time? One woman tells her story.
Running time: 168 seconds
How to Handle a Stressed Pet
What causes a dog to become stressed? What can you do to help a stressed dog? Greyhounds that are retired from running races are a case in point, they must deal with a lot of stress.
Running time: 535 seconds
Dog Poison - Rat Poison
What can you do if your dog eats rat poison? In this video you will hear a woman's story about her dog surviving a poisonous situation.
Running time: 153 seconds
Home Hazards for Dogs
What are home hazards for a dog? What are poisonous things for dogs that are around the house?
Running time: 159 seconds
Understanding Behavioral Problems in Pets
Adopting and socializing an abused Rottweiler: one woman shows what it takes to take on a large dog that has been an abused dog.
Running time: 184 seconds
Dealing with Medical Issues in Pets
When adopting a dog, remember that you may encounter many medical costs over their life time. One family tells about their sick Dalmatian.
Running time: 172 seconds
Three Animal Activists - Personal Stories
Three stories of animal activists from Vancouver, Canada. One sets up the Vancouver Humane Society, another fights for dogs to be allowed in apartment buildings, and one works for leash free parks.
Running time: 762 seconds
Animal Volunteers - Personal Stories
How can you volunteer to help animals? Meet a few volunteers who work to help animals: a dog walker for the SPCA, a fundraiser for animals, and a woman who takes in stray cats.
Running time: 305 seconds
Therapy Dog for Seniors Home
What is it like to have a therapy dog? What does a therapy dog do? How can you get your dog to be accredited as a therapy dog? Here is the story of one dog who visits seniors every week.
Running time: 221 seconds
Positive Effects of Dogs on Seniors
Studies show that dogs have a very positive affect on senior's health - for dealing with stress, loneliness, and encouraging regular exercise. They increase longevity.
Running time: 243 seconds
The Impact of Assistance Dogs in Health Care
How can an assistance dog help someone with muscular dystrophy. Here is the story of one such duo.
Running time: 513 seconds
Nutritional Needs of a Dog
What are the nutritional needs of your dog throughout his life time? How can you figure out what's in the dog food in the market? How can you read the food labels on dog food, and what do you need to look for?
Running time: 506 seconds
Choosing Your Dog's Food
What is the real difference between packaged dog food you buy at a supermarket, gourmet food that you buy at specialty stores, and food that you make for your dog yourself? Is there any real difference in fulfilling the dog's nutritional requirements? What kind of dog food should you give your dog? Here are a few views.
Running time: 368 seconds
Food Sensitivities and Obesity in Pets
How can you help your dog who has many food sensitivities? And who is getting obese? A veterinarian talks about food and dogs and also a trainer talks about how she solved her dog's food issues.
Running time: 322 seconds
Training Dogs for Police Work
How do the police trains their dogs for police work? What are the roles of police dogs in stopping criminals? Find out in this video.
Running time: 288 seconds
Understanding Animal Heroism
What is a good animal hero story involving dogs? This video tells one about two dogs who saved a toddler, a young boy from drowning.
Running time: 289 seconds
Newfoundland Rescue Dogs Water Training
How are Newfoundland dogs trained to rescue people in water? Are there trials or competitions for Newfoundland dogs to practice and perfect their skills?
Running time: 271 seconds
Dogs Beauty Pageants
What is it like to go to a large conformation dog show? What are the judges looking for? What is it like to be a competitor or dog owner at one of these events? Also, why don't border collies participate in conformation shows? Find out in this video.
Running time: 395 seconds
Dog Days Festival
Fun and games at a summer festival for dogs to benefit the guide dogs of the area features dogs in costume, a three legged dog race with dogs and humans, a dog swimming competition and more.
Running time: 169 seconds
First Aid for a Cut in Your Dog
What can you do if your dog cuts himself badly? First aid comes in handy and one woman tells her story.
Running time: 215 seconds


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