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How to Walk a Big Powerful Dog Safely
How do you safely take a large, powerful dog for a walk? Does your dog take you for a walk instead of the other way round? Stanley Coren shows you how to teach your big dog to walk under your control.
Running time: 580 seconds
The No-Time Dog Training
How do you fit dog training into a busy schedule? How do you train your dog when you are super busy? By doing it in small time slots, that's how. Stanley Coren shows you how it's done.
Running time: 122 seconds
How to Bond with a Puppy
How do you develop a bond with your new puppy? Stanley show you how.
Running time: 509 seconds
How to Teach a Dog to Bond with Children
How can you get your dog to play with your children? Why doesn't your dog play with your children? How can you get your children to develop a relationship with your dog, or your dog build a relationship with your children? Stanley Coren has some answers.
Running time: 616 seconds
How to Teach Pack Order to a Puppy
How do you stop your dog from constantly trying to get your attention by whining, stepping on your feet and pulling your legs? Stanley Coren explains that the dog is expressing dominance. Stanley shows you how to tame the behavior by teaching the dog the pack order in the family.
Running time: 510 seconds
How to Control a Dominant Dog
What do you do if your dog won't wear a leash? What do you do if your dog chases the children and bites them? Stanley Coren can see that the dog is very dominant and has to learn his place in the pack hierarchy or order. He shows how to teach him that and how to stop him from nipping, chasing, biting and resisting the leash.
Running time: 500 seconds
How to Do an Automatic Training for Dogs
How can you teach your dog words for training purposes, giving commands? Stanley Coren shows how to do this, some call it automatic training.
Running time: 123 seconds
How to Play with a Disabled Dog
What games and sports can you play with your three-legged dog? What should you not do with your three-legged dog? What might hurt or damage him? Stanley Coren shows you that there are plenty of things you can do with a lame dog, but there are a few cautions.
Running time: 385 seconds
Preventing a Car-Sick Dog
How can you keep your dog from getting car sick? Stanley Coren says that often dogs get car sick because they are anxious. He shows you how to make your dog less anxious about riding in the car.
Running time: 411 seconds
Camping with Dogs Tips
How do you plan when you go camping with your dog? What should you bring? What are some of the hazards of camping with your dog? Stanley Coren has the answers.
Running time: 88 seconds
How to Take the Pack Leadership for Dogs
How can you deal with two dogs who think that they are in charge? They nip and bite, body check each other, try to be the first out or in the door. Stanley Coren shows you how to stop this behavior by giving back pack leadership to the human family.
Running time: 498 seconds
How to Handle a Large Scary Dog
What can you do about your large, dominant dog? He frightens people and he has been aggressive to others. Stanley Coren shows you how to get the dog's behavior in check.
Running time: 505 seconds
First Aid Preparation for Dogs
What first aid can you learn to help your dog if he gets in an accident? Stanley Coren shows what you should have in a dog first aid kit and how to do basic first aid such as artificial respiration, checking as dog's pulse, and bandaging a dog.
Running time: 512 seconds
How to Help a Critically Injured Dog
Stanley shows how to help a dog, who has been seriously injured, for a visit to a vet.
Running time: 150 seconds
How to Teach Your Dog to Swim
How can you teach your dog to swim? And to enjoy it? If you're dog is from a breed that was bred to swim, why doesn't he like it? Stanley Coren dons a swim suit and convinces the dog to swim with some tricks and techniques.
Running time: 375 seconds
Protecting Your Dog form Sun and Salt at the Beach
How do you protect your dog from the sun and saltwater at a day on the beach? Stanley Coren has the answers. Sunburn and salty feet are no fun.
Running time: 162 seconds
How to Deal with an Aggressive Rescued Dog
What should you do if your adopted dog attacks other dogs when you're out on walks. Stanley Coren analyzes the problem and comes up with a solution. Dogs who have been tethered outside become vicious because they are so vulnerable.
Running time: 613 seconds
How to Teach a Rescued Dog to Urinate Outside
How can you teach your adopted dog to urinate outside? Stanley Coren analyzes the problem and comes up with a solution.
Running time: 477 seconds
How to Settle a Rescued Dog in His New Home
How do you make your rescued dog feel safe and comfortable in his new home? Stanley Coren shows you what steps to take to lessen the anxiety of the new pet.
Running time: 108 seconds
How to Control Your Dog During a Walk
How do you walk your unruly, misbehaving dog? Stanley gives some techniques and tips to get a dog under control while walking.
Running time: 506 seconds
How to Make a Teething Toy for Dogs
How can you help your puppy who is teething? Stanley Coren shows how to make an effective teething toy.
Running time: 140 seconds
How to Leash-Train Your Dog
Stanley Coren explains why you should train your dog on a leash, using his well-trained dog Odin to demonstrate.
Running time: 50 seconds
How to Train an Aggressive Rottweiler Puppy
How do you stop your puppy from nipping and biting? Stanley Coren recognizes this dominance issue and shows how to get the dog's aggressive and dominant tendencies in check.
Running time: 549 seconds
How to Clean Your Dog's Ears Safely
Stanley explains how to care for your dog's ears. He shows you how to inspect the ears and how clean them safely.
Running time: 546 seconds
Dog Toenails Clipping Tips
What can you do if your dog hates having his toenails cut? Stanley Coren shows you how to cut a dog's toenails without causing the dog undue stress or anxiety. He recommends doing one nail at a time over a period of time.
Running time: 480 seconds


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