Videos on Pets And Animals

Cat Shows
cat shows
Running time: 280 seconds
Neutering Cats
neutering cats
Running time: 279 seconds
What Treats Are Good for Your Cat
what treats are good for your cat
Running time: 92 seconds
Cooking Treats for Your Cat 1/3
cooking treats for your cat 1
Running time: 272 seconds
Cooking Treats for Your Cat 2/3
cooking treats for your cat 2
Running time: seconds
Cooking Treats for Your Cat 3/3
cooking treats for your cat 3
Running time: 155 seconds
Cesar Milan Diagnoses a Troubled Pooch
In turns out that the problem with reporter Clare Trapasso's dog Couscous was her cat Shakshuka.
Running time: 74 seconds
Manhattan Woman Keeps Rats as Pets
A Manhattan mom is one of a cadre of New Yorkers who keep as pets the rodents the rest of the city despises.
Running time: 149 seconds
SA Lipizzaners in Kyalami Johannesburg South Africa
Africa Travel Channel - The South African Lipizzaners perform every Sunday at the outdoor arena in Kyalami. They have earned the honour of being the only performing Lipizzaners outside Vienna, recognized by and affiliated to the famous Spanish Riding School and a close association in maintained between the two.
Running time: 130 seconds
Citizen Canine
Rhiannon is here with Better's pet wellness and lifestyle expert Jenn Fadal, to find out how your dog can earn an ‘A’ in canine citizenship.
Running time: 210 seconds
The Blessing of the Animals at St. John the Divine
Learn about the blessing of the animals every October 4th, the birthdate of St. Francis of Assisi, at St John the divine in New Jersey.
Running time: 121 seconds
How to Choose the Best Dog for Your Family
Rhiannon talked with better pet wellness and lifestyle expert, Jenn Fadal, to find out the best breeds for your lifestyle.
Running time: 167 seconds
How to Hush a Bothersome Barking Dog
Veterinarian Dr. Bernadine Cruz shares simple tips to hush bothersome dog barking.
Running time: 203 seconds
Visit the Lion Park in Gauteng, South Africa
The Lion Park is home to over eighty lions, including the rare white lion and many other species of carnivores. A wide variety of antelope, which roam freely in the antelope area, can also be viewed. Take a walk through Cub World where you can have the amazing experience of touching and playing with the lions and lion cubs.
Running time: 122 seconds
How to Protect Your Cat from Your Speakers
Can chewing on speaker wire kill your cat? Probably not, but it's still best to dissuade them of the habit. Luckily, there are many ways to break them of it for free... and some dedicated products you can try out, like CritterCord, too. Watch the video to find out the best ways to keep your pets safe.
Running time: 199 seconds
Fashion Night for Pets
Take a look at these amazing pet outfit designs that could only be brought to you from some of the biggest names in fashion.
Running time: 178 seconds
Lipizzaners Perform the Dance of the White Stallions
The South African Lipizzaners have earned the honour of being the only performing Lipizzaners outside Vienna, recognized by and affiliated to the famous Spanish Riding School and a close association in maintained between the two.
Running time: 144 seconds
How to Choose Safe Pet Desserts
Our pet expert joins us to show some ways to reward your pet after a long day.
Running time: 103 seconds
How to Keep Your Home Clean with Pets
Better goes over the best ways to make sure your house stays fresh, regardless of how many pets you have.
Running time: 238 seconds
Tips to Train Unruly Puppies
Dr. Lisa's new puppy, Fred, bites her older dog. Veterinary surgeon Dr. Alan Schulman explains the behavior and how to remedy it.
Running time: 152 seconds
The Benefit of Acupuncture for Pets
Find out if alternative medicine can heal your pet.
Running time: 94 seconds
Kitten Care Tips
Better talks about connecting with your furry friends, making sure they feel love and attention.
Running time: 206 seconds
Nephrurus milii Gecko Breeding
A quick video showing the introduction of a male and a female Nephrurus milii. This is one of the nicest animals to work with. We hope to have a successful breeding this year so we can share these with others.
Running time: 273 seconds
How to Make an Inexpensive Climb Wall for Geckos
What a great idea I found from a friend. This is inexpensive and arboreal (climbing) geckos LOVE it.
Running time: 141 seconds
How to Keep a Dog's Skin and Coat Healthy
Join us for Better pets to get all the tips on how to groom your pet, keeping them healthy and happy.
Running time: 120 seconds


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