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Cheap Health Solutions for Dogs
When is it a good idea to get a second opinion from another veterinarian? One man tells about how a simply low tech solution worked and he had been told that exploratory surgery would be needed by another veterinarian.
Running time: 171 seconds
How Hunting Games Teach and Challenge Dogs
Hunting games can help you train your dog. Dogs are taught to use all of their capabilities - including their brains - and put you in touch with your best friend in ways no other training can.
Running time: 249 seconds
Understanding Behavioral Patterns of Dogs
A keen observer tells about her dog's behavior in the family. What can you expect if you add a dog to your family? How can you train a dog to fit well into your family?
Running time: 338 seconds
How to Choose a Purebred Dog
Three owners speak to why they chose Wheaton Terriers, American Bulldogs and Shar-peis respectively. Learn about their process of dog selection.
Running time: 372 seconds
The Advances in Veterinary Medicine
What is the state of surgery for dogs suffering major traumas? One woman tells about the successful story of her dog's surgery and recovery after the dog was hit by a car.
Running time: 278 seconds
What Can Be Done About Hip Dysplasia in Dogs
What can be done about hip dysplasia in dogs? One woman tells the story of her competitive dog's full recovery after surgery.
Running time: 224 seconds
Pet Memorials and Gravestones
It's possible to have a gravestone made for your dearly departed dog. Visit a place where many stone gravestones and memorials have been made for departed pets and see how it's done. Meet some people who have had stone memorials made.
Running time: 286 seconds
How Pointers Learn to Do Their Job
In this piece, viewers see how pointing dogs are taught to point when hunting for birds. The birds shown in this piece are not hurt - they revive fully!
Running time: 243 seconds
How to Train a Pointer
How do you train a pointer to do his job on hunting trips? A top trainer shows you how to train your dog.
Running time: 405 seconds
The Art of Dog Grooming
See a dog groomer do some fancy dog "hairstyles". This woman has won the equivalent of the Oscars of dog grooming.
Running time: 304 seconds
How to Take Care of a Dog's Teeth
Just like human, dog's teeth also need to be cleaned. It should be done at least twice a week to avoid cavities. Cleaning your dog's teeth is essential to keep them healthy. A dog cleaning will cost you but you can also use toothbrushes or you can also op
Running time: 138 seconds
How to Keep Your Dog Energized
Suzanne is concerned her dog, Ozzie, isn't getting enough exercise, and asks how she can help boost his energy. Veterinarian Dr. Bernadine Cruz of the Iams Pet Wellness Council gives tips on how to keep your pet healthy and energized!
Running time: 190 seconds
Home Remedies for Dog Ticks, Fleas and Ear Mites
Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Prevention, demonstrates some easy solutions to common pet problems.
Running time: 190 seconds
How to Teach a Kitten to Play Gently
Kittens are impossibly cute and playful--unless play results in bites and scratches. Here's how to train a kitten to play gently, according to cat expert Dr. Katherine Miller of the ASPCA.
Running time: 131 seconds
The Signs and Symptoms of Rabies
Veterinarian Dr. Alan Schulman explains the signs and symptoms of rabies.
Running time: 99 seconds
Stars Show Support for Broadway Barks
Better's pet expert, Jorge Bendersky, talks to celebrities and their pooches.
Running time: 241 seconds
Tick Control for Your Dog or Cat
In this video we learn how to protect your pet from ticks and the diseases they spread. To learn more about tick prevention, we are going to visit with Dr. Michael Dryden, professor of veterinary parasitology.
Running time: 332 seconds
The Danger of Ticks to Your Dog or Cat
Ticks can be found throughout the United States. It is important to understand that ticks can spread disease to dogs, cats and people. To learn more about ticks, we are going to visit with Dr. Michael Dryden, professor of veterinary parasitology.
Running time: 312 seconds
Visit the Sushi Bar for Pets in Los Angeles
Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears takes canines Gage and Holly to Pussy and Pooch in Los Angeles to eat at the Paw Bar, the pet boutique's version of a sushi raw bar.
Running time: 79 seconds
Shorty Rossi Talks About Pit Boss
Lauren Ezersky sits down with the former actor, entertainment guru and pit bull rescuer Shorty Rossi to talk about his new hit show, Pit Boss.
Running time: 228 seconds
How to Save on Pet Food
Jeanette Pavini brings us ways to save on pet food. brings us ways to save on pet food.
Running time: 97 seconds
Why You Should Not Let Your Dog on the Bed
The Doctors test the sheets of a dog-loving viewer, reveal how sharing everything with your dog can impact your health and give tips for staying healthy while playing with your furry friends.
Running time: 166 seconds
A New Documentary About Celebrities and their Pets
Anne got a sneak peek at one documentary that showcases some of Hollywood's greats and their pooches.
Running time: 217 seconds
Rescue Dog Demonstration
Demonstration of not being able to distract a rescue dog, and how if finds stranded children
Running time: 215 seconds
How to Train a Rottweiler to be a Retriever
Teaching "Cody" the Rottweiler the beginnings of a remote retrieve.
Running time: 800 seconds


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