Videos on Pets And Animals

How to Take Care of Your Dog in Natural Disasters
How can you prepare to look after your pets in case of a natural disaster, like fire, earthquake or other? Various people tell the story of their pets in one large fire.
Running time: 257 seconds
Surgical Alteration for Dogs
What are the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery for dogs such as ear and tail docking? Hear two points of view.
Running time: 196 seconds
Specific Assistance Dog Trainings
How are assistance or guide dogs trained? After socialization by a family, the training becomes directed and formal. See how the trainers train the dogs for specific clients.
Running time: 256 seconds
Obedience Trials for Dogs and Dog Owners
Obedience trials provide a fun training activity that helps to create a special bond between dogs and owners, and for humans to socialize with each other too. Dog owners and judges tell us what the sport is about, and how much fun it is.
Running time: 407 seconds
Learn About the SPCA Officers
SPCA animal control officers follow up tips concerning animals that are being abused or neglected. Viewers see the harm that is done to animals and discover what can be done about it.
Running time: 253 seconds
The Relationship Between Seniors and Their Dogs
Are dogs a good idea for seniors, older people? Several seniors, elderly people talk of the importance of the dogs in their lives and how they share their lives with them.
Running time: 275 seconds
High Level Obedience Trials for Dogs
What is it like preparing for and participating in high level obedience trials? Find out at one of these competition.
Running time: 239 seconds
Learn About Performing Dogs
Super Dogs is a popular show that seen at Vancouver's Pacific National Exhibition every year. See these show dogs perform and get some training tips from their trainers.
Running time: 349 seconds
How Children Can Deal with a Pet's Death
How can you help your children when your family dog dies? When a family loses a dog, it can be particularly hard on the children. See how two families helped their children through the death of their much beloved dogs.
Running time: 368 seconds
Puppies Litter Celebration
A first birthday party for the now dispersed litter of puppies. It's fun watching them play and hearing about the romance of the Mom and Dad dogs, the Sire and Dam. And there's birthday cake too.
Running time: 250 seconds
Assistance Dogs - Nicole and Vespa's Story
What are the ways that an assistance dog can help someone in a wheelchair? This is the story of Nicole who now relies on Vespa, her assistance dog, as a result of becoming wheelchair bound after a car accident.
Running time: 273 seconds
Dog Obedience Class for Children
This feature is about a dog obedience class for children. Viewers see how children learn to train their dogs. Anne Jackson, their instructor, says children are often the best trainers, because they tend to be clear in their commands.
Running time: 204 seconds
Bringing Your Pet to Work
Some lucky people can bring their dogs to the office with them, to the benefit of all. In this video we meet a TV announcer, and the creative staff at Koo Creative who show us that you don't need to leave your best friend at home all day.
Running time: 406 seconds
Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Work
Are there some workplaces that allow dogs? There sure are. In this video you will see how dogs and other pets fit into a variety of work situations including an art gallery, an optician's shop, and a plumber's place of work.
Running time: 396 seconds
Learn About Professional Dog Handlers
What is it like to be a professional handler at a large conformation show? This video follows a husband and wife team at one show. They show dogs all across North America.
Running time: 505 seconds
Shutzhund Training - Part 2/2
We see how dogs are taught to find and attack on command, and to withstand punishment by their victim. The dog is expected to pay attention and follow the commands of its owner at all times. A dog finds a person, corners him, and attacks on command.
Running time: 344 seconds
Shutzhund Training - Part 1/2
Shutzhund is a type of training from Germany that includes some controversial topics and methods. In this segment, the focus is on teaching dogs to track, and we see several people working with dogs who have attained different levels of competence.
Running time: 240 seconds
Effect of Dogs on the Environment of Parks
What kind of environmental damage can a dog do in a park or wildlife area? What should you know to protect the environment when walking with your dog?
Running time: 318 seconds
Teaching Children to Show Dogs
Peek in at a class where a professional handler teaches a class of youngsters the art and science of showing dogs at a conformation show.
Running time: 348 seconds
Using an Assistance Dog for the Seeing Impaired
What is it like having a seeing eye or guide dog? A seeing eye or assistance dog helps a student navigate her university life. They have been companions for many years.
Running time: 297 seconds
Assistance Dogs in Training
What's involved in socializing and training an assistance or seeing eye dog? This video follows one volunteer family who has the responsibility of socializing a carefully selected puppy over a year so that if he can be trained to be an assistance dog.
Running time: 322 seconds
Spending an Afternoon at an SPCA Animal Shelter
Life at an SPCA shelter: a dog is being given up, volunteers take dogs for a walk and surprisingly a dog is being adopted.
Running time: 369 seconds
Spending a Morning at an SPCA Animal Shelter
What is it like for the abandoned dogs and other animals at an SPCA shelter and the staff who care for them? Frankly, it's a place of hope and of misery, as this video shows. Volunteers clean out cages, health technologies tend to the sick, and euthanize those that who are very unwell.
Running time: 380 seconds
The Fun of Lure-Coursing for Dogs
Drop in on a lure-coursing event where Gazehounds chase a human powered lure. It's a plastic bag that the dogs are chasing, not the rabbit that was chased historically.
Running time: 371 seconds
Church Blessed Animals
If you want to know how you could have your dog blessed in a church, find out in this video. Many churches have ceremonies in spring and early summer to celebrate all creation and include animals.
Running time: 602 seconds


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