Videos on Parenting

Positive Impact of Saying Yes
Paula Fellingham talks about learning to say 'yes' and what kind of impact it has.
Running time: 82 seconds
Kitchen Kids - Parenting Tips on Cooking with Kids
Chef Gino Campagna from the Kitchen Kids explains how to make cooking fun for children and yourself.
Running time: 154 seconds
Carpool Mommy Makeover
Beauty expert, Stacy Cox is here to share her tips for a carpool mommy makeover.
Running time: 244 seconds
Back to School Sandwich Ideas
Jennifer Chandler is here with some great ideas to brighten up that brown bag.
Running time: 235 seconds
Learn About Technology In the Classroom
Senior Associate Editor of Family Circle Magazine, Stephanie Emma Pfeffer, is here to clue parents in on the various ways classrooms are going high tech this year.
Running time: 185 seconds
How to Give Your Child a Modern Allowance
The start of the school year is a good time to start giving your child an allowance, if they don't have one already. Jill Schlesinger offers some guidance.
Running time: 110 seconds
Back to School Technology Finds
New product reporter and senior editor of behind the, David Gregg, is here with some last minute tips and products to help you get the most bang for your back to school buck.
Running time: 261 seconds
Solutions to Common Pregnancy Discomforts
In this episode you will learn some simple solutions for common pregnancy discomforts.
Running time: 207 seconds
Hot Topic - Amy Hilbrich Davis
Amy and Rhiannon talk about family, pop culture, modern living, and more.
Running time: 217 seconds
Hot Topic with Margit Ragland
Rhiannon and Margit talk back to school, Family Circle, and more.
Running time: 216 seconds
Back to School Must Haves
Lifestyle expert, Lynn Becker is here with the must have back to school items that will keep your kids healthy, entertained, and eager to learn, all year long.
Running time: 242 seconds
How to Get Your Kids Organized for Back to School
There is still a little time left to prepare for all the homework and new projects that will be coming into your home. Lesley catches up with one expert to get a few ideas for parents.
Running time: 212 seconds
Affordable Computer Software For Back to School Students
Jeanette Pavini tells us about some affordable computer programs in this better ways to save video.
Running time: 68 seconds
How to Protect Your Kids from Cyberbullying
Stephanie Emma Pfeffer is here to educate parents on the best ways to protect their kids from cyberbullying.
Running time: 213 seconds
3 Rules for Kids' Allowances
Allowances are a great way to teach kids about money. But don't just hand your child the cash each week, says Ray Martin.
Running time: 97 seconds
Alternative Developmental Milestones
All parents look for certain developmental milestones in their young children. From eating solid food to sitting up on their own to uttering their first word, all kids pass through a number of developmental stages as they experience early childhood. Here at DadLabs, we propose a few alternative child development stages that dads and moms should look for in their youngsters. Should the first milestone of language development be your child's first word, or first curse word?
Running time: 210 seconds
Summer Travel Games
Better goes over the must haves for the kids in the back seat during those summer road trips.
Running time: 212 seconds
Back to School Toys
Toy expert, Elizabeth Werner is here with some of the hottest toys we will see on the shelves this back to school season.
Running time: 291 seconds
Dealing with Baby Colic
Learn more about baby colic and how to deal with a crying baby as a parent.
Running time: 283 seconds
Baby Constipation
Here at DadLabs, we explore many medical conditions that may affect your baby. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad tackle the subject of constipation. They talk with pediatrician and "Baby 411" author Ari Brown who explains what constipation in an infant is like. She tells parents what to look for in baby poop, what solid food can cause your baby to be constipated, and what high fiber foods can help.
Running time: 261 seconds
Worrying About Newborn Babies
They are all common conditions, but things like cradle cap and baby acne might catch some new parents off-guard. Dr. Jennifer Shu explains these newborn surprises, and tells parents what's normal, and when it's time to worry.
Running time: 358 seconds
Choosing the Right Baby Shoes
Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg talks about how important it is to choose the right baby shoes.
Running time: 369 seconds
Childhood Obesity
In this episode of The Lab, DadLabs looks at one of the most important health issues affecting kids, childhood obesity. We talk with an expert who tells us statistics about how many children are obese and how diseases not normally seen until adulthood are not seen in childhood. What can parents do to make their kids more healthy? Learn about BMI, what non healthy foods shouldn't be in the house, and how to encourage physical activity such as sports.
Running time: 277 seconds
Linda Grasso Talks About Motherhood
A funny video for Mother's Day. Are you a bad mom or a good mom? SheSez fesses up!
Running time: 155 seconds
About Michelle Obama and Parenting
Rhiannon and Sally talk more about the first lady Michelle Obama.
Running time: 213 seconds


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