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Baby Nurses for Newborns
Parents TV talk to Claudia Fraser about her work as a baby nurse and how much she enjoys her work.
Running time: 358 seconds
Packing the Hospital Bag in Advance
Erika is 37 weeks pregnant and gets tips about how she should pack her hospital bag for the birth of her baby.
Running time: 398 seconds
Maternity Spa for Pregnant Women
Parents TV takes a look at Edamama, a Maternity Spa, where pregnant women can get special massages and facials. Get ready to get pampered!
Running time: 325 seconds
Parenting Mistakes with Toddlers
Juli Auclair talks to Jen Singer, author of "Stop second-guessing yourself", about how to parent toddlers and what the most common mistakes are that parents make with toddlers.
Running time: 313 seconds
Potty Training Dance
Huggies came up with a fun way to potty train kids, the Potty Dance. Juli Auclair of Parents TV talks to Tori Spelling who was the special guest at the Potty Dance event, about motherhood and potty training your kids.
Running time: seconds
Dealing with Your Pregnancy while Working
Parents TV talks to Heidi Murkoff, author of "What to expect when you are expecting", about how to stay healthy during the pregnancy when you are still working.
Running time: seconds
Dealing with Pregnancy Pains
Mother to be Lisa Leclezio talks about the aches and pains she went through during her pregnancy and which methods she used to ease the pains.
Running time: 289 seconds
Pregnancy Test Information
Finding out whether or not you are pregnant can be an overwhelming prospect with all the different kinds of pregnancy tests available.
Running time: seconds
Products for Moms and Kids
Juli Auclair shares with you Parents TV's favorite products for Moms and kids to use.
Running time: seconds
Designing Your Own Diaper Bag
Every Mom needs a good diaper bag and now there is a way to design your own diaper bag, that you can do with your friends at a purse party.
Running time: 299 seconds
Choosing School Supplies
Jacqueline Savage McFee designed the Kendall Kollection school supplies to honor her cousin Kendall.
Running time: seconds
Second Hand Maternity and Children Clothing
Second hand is the new brand new! Whether you are going green or trying to save it, when it comes to maternity and children's clothing it's smart to choose for consignment.
Running time: 329 seconds
Dealing with Sibling Fights
Jessica Hartshorn gives some tips about how to prevent fights between siblings and how to deal with it as parents.
Running time: 289 seconds
Baby Bathing Tips
Dr. Jennifer Trachtenburg, a pediatrician, talks about how bath time is a great time to spent with your baby. She also gives tips about how to bathe your baby.
Running time: seconds
Best Bath Products for Babies
There are a lot of baby bath products out there. shows you the best bath products for babies.
Running time: 290 seconds
Bottle Feeding Tips
One of the most important decisions you need to make as a parent, is whether to breastfeed or bottle feed your new born. In this video Dr. Jennifer Trachtenburg gives some tips about bottle feeding.
Running time: 183 seconds
Pre-Conception Planning and Advice
There are a lot of factors that can affect your fertility. It's important to know what to do before you get pregnant.
Running time: seconds
How to Get on a Teacher's Good Side in Middle School
Getting to know your middle school teachers makes a big difference in how well you do in school
Running time: 278 seconds
Where to Go for Help in Middle School
When you have an emergency or even a question in middle school, who do you talk to and where do you go?
Running time: 244 seconds
How to Stop Trying to Be the Perfect Mother
Better talks to Amy Wilson who understands how things can change, and what to do if your find yourself in an odd spot.
Running time: 185 seconds
How to Organize Your Middle School Study Desk
Spend less time getting homework done in middle school when you get your desk or study area organized at home.
Running time: 197 seconds
Middle School Supplies Tips
What do you need, where will you find it and how much will it cost. Find out what you should buy.
Running time: 188 seconds
Jaundice Phototherapy Treatment for Babies
Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains what causes jaundice in newborns and how to treat it with GE BiliSoft™ LED phototherapy system.
Running time: 173 seconds
Food Allergies in Children
Recent studies show an increase in food allergies in children. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad talk to Dr. Rayner Dickey who tells parents what they need to look for to determine if their child has a food allergy. What are the the main allergy symptoms? What are the top allergens? Can breastfeeding reduce allergies in kids? Can eating solid foods affect whether or not your kid develops an allergy? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this video.
Running time: 283 seconds
Stroller Strides Workout
In an attempt to improve his physical fitness and lose weight, Daddy Brad embarks upon his weight loss challenge with the help of Stroller Strides instructor Joi Morse. Stroller Strides is a boot camp type fitness program geared for new moms to get back in shape after pregnancy. The fitness and social group uses interval based cardio workouts, resistance bands and incorporates baby strollers making for a great workout for parents and fun for kids.
Running time: 191 seconds


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