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Three Tips to Find an Experienced Midwife
Dr. DiCampli offers three tips to help women find an experienced midwife.
Running time: 95 seconds
The Importance of Prenatal Care
Dr. DiCampli explains the importance of prenatal care.
Running time: 68 seconds
What You Need to Know About Prenatal Vitamins
Dr. DiCampli shares when women should start taking prenatal vitamins.
Running time: 245 seconds
Pain During Home Birth
Dr. DiCampli explains if women experience more pain during a home birth.
Running time: 61 seconds
Health Insurance Cover for Home Birth
Dr. DiCampli discusses health insurance coverage of a home birth and the cost associated with hiring a midwife.
Running time: 49 seconds
Baby Reactions During Home Birth
Dr. DiCampli explains if babies react differently to an in-home birth.
Running time: 59 seconds
Midwife Story About a Home Birth
Dr. DiCampli shares her favorite home birth story.
Running time: 63 seconds
How Our Birth Affect the Person We Become
Dr. DiCampli explains how our experience entering the world impacts the person we become.
Running time: 69 seconds
How Safe a Midwife Assisted Birth Is
Dr. DiCampli describes a midwife and explains if it is safe to have a midwife deliver your baby.
Running time: 70 seconds
Complications During Pregnancy with Twins Part 2/2
Kristin recalls how she felt during pregnancy knowing one twin baby could live and the other would die.
Running time: 99 seconds
Complications During Pregnancy with Twins Part 1/2
Kristin describes the complications she faced during her first pregnancy.
Running time: 301 seconds
Feeling the Baby Move During Pregnancy
Dr. Szmuc explains when a mother will start to feel her baby move. He describes kick counts and discusses why these are important during the third trimester of pregnancy.
Running time: 110 seconds
How Long Morning Sickness Lasts in Pregnancy
Dr. Szmuc describes morning sickness and shares how long women can expect this to last. He also explains if morning sickness in the second trimester indicates a problem with the pregnancy. Dr. Szmuc explains which supplements a woman should take during pr
Running time: 120 seconds
How Accurate Delivery Dates Are
Dr. Szmuc shares how delivery dates are determined and discusses the accuracy of these dates. He also explains when parents can learn the sex of their baby.
Running time: 89 seconds
Having Your Menstrual Cycle After a Positive Birth Test
Dr. Szmuc discusses what a woman should do if she resumes her menstrual cycle after a positive home pregnancy test and explains if spotting during pregnancy is common.
Running time: 137 seconds
Why You Should Exercise During Pregnancy
Dr. Szmuc offers advice for women who are too tired to exercise during pregnancy.
Running time: 95 seconds
Giving Birth in Banner Desert Medical Center
Dr. Szmuc explains why Banner Desert Medical Center is one of the Nation's leading centers for multiple births and high risk pregnancies. He also discusses Banner Desert Medical Center's classification as a Level III Perinatal Center.
Running time: 118 seconds
Good and Bad Food Supplements for Pregnant Women
Dr. Szmuc explains which supplements a woman should take during pregnancy and discusses if women should avoid herbal supplements during pregnancy.
Running time: 171 seconds
Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women
Dr. Szmuc encourages women to exercise during pregnancy and discusses safe exercises women can engage in.
Running time: 174 seconds
Nutrition Tips During Pregnancy
Dr. Szmuc describes the calorie intake women should consider during pregnancy and shares whether or not pregnant women should follow the food pyramid.
Running time: 85 seconds
What Women Should Eat During Pregnancy
Dr. Szmuc introduces himself and discusses foods that women can eat, and foods that women should avoid during pregnancy.
Running time: 130 seconds
Increased Fertility Treatments and Multiple Births Risk
Dr. Cook recalls if multiple births have become more popular as fertility treatment use increases.
Running time: 58 seconds
How Pregnancy Weight Gain Affects Women
Dr. Cook describes how additional weight gain from carrying multiple babies affects a woman.
Running time: 71 seconds
The Risks of Carrying Multiple Babies
Dr. Cook explains if having more than one baby at a time increases the risk for premature delivery and describes other risks associated with being pregnant with multiple babies.
Running time: 113 seconds
The Importance of Iron And Folic Acid For Expectant Mothers
Dr. Cook shares why iron and folic acid are considered important supplements for expectant mothers.
Running time: 52 seconds


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