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How to Keep Track of Your Business
Hattie introduces Jim Schell and the first of the seven key ideas within this episode.  How do you answer the question, "How's business?"
Running time: 314 seconds
How to Solve Problems with New Thinking
Hattie tells us how Sohrab Vossoughi creates new products for clients.
Running time: 80 seconds
How to Build Your Business Based on What You Like
Hattie tells us how the Lee brothers found customers who like what they like.
Running time: 91 seconds
How to Listen to Customers
Hattie tells us how one owner invented his best product.
Running time: 289 seconds
How to Enroll in Financial Statement University
Here Nani Waddoups, who owns R. Wagner Arts in Portland, Oregon,  admits that her gross margin is too low.
Running time: 127 seconds
How to Study Your Company Trends
Jim Schell explains the importance of trends in the small businesses
Running time: 106 seconds
How to Share Your Financials
Jim Schell explains the importance of understanding the balance sheet of your business
Running time: 305 seconds
How to Communicate Your Vision to Your Employees
Hattie tells us how communicating your vision to the employees helps your business stay in power
Running time: 171 seconds
How to Define Your Business Model
Hattie explains us the importance of defining your business model to earn profits
Running time: 121 seconds
How to Understand Your Business's Numbers
Hattie explains the importance of keeping track of the numbers in your business
Running time: 136 seconds
How to Use Technology Aggressively
Hattie explains why it's important to apply technology in your business as they evolve
Running time: 195 seconds
How to Evolve in Your Business
Hattie tells us the story of a Steve Hoffman, who evolved his small photograph business producing postcards
Running time: 231 seconds
How to Turn a Small Idea into a Big One
Hattie tells us how one business owner turned a small idea into a big one.
Running time: 166 seconds
How to Protect Your Business from Disasters
Hattie explains us how to protect your business against natural disasters and hackers
Running time: 125 seconds
How to Make Changes Based Upon Numbers
Jim Schell explains how to make changes in your business based on the numbers
Running time: 275 seconds
How to Give Employees Key Indicator Responsibilities
Jim Schell explains the importance of engaging your key employees in the management of the business using the key indicator report
Running time: 186 seconds
Learn about Marketing and Sales Effort in Business
Hattie shows us how and effective sales and marketing effort makes your business succeed
Running time: 106 seconds
Marketing Tips: Marketing Tips: Guarantees And Returns
Copywriting expert John Carlton explains the benefits of a great guarantee and return policy.
Running time: 97 seconds
How to Increase Internet Traffic with Twitter
Learn how to increase traffic to your internet marketing home business
Running time: 481 seconds
How to Turn Your Friends Into Fans and Evangelists - Social Media Tips
In this short educational video, Li Evans of and KeyRelevance offers up three social media tips for online marketing about how to turn your friends or contacts into fans and evangelists. From giving up a little control to asking your audience for help, its a great way to engage and include your audience to feel like they are part of something. That "feeling part of something" is at the heart of turning those friends into your greatest fans.
Running time: 178 seconds
How to Import A Boat & Trailer Into Canada From USA Part 2
Learn how to import a boat and trailer to Canada from USA part 2.
Running time: 300 seconds
Intro to the Foundation And History of Podcasting
To add some buzz to your online marketing send Giovanni Gallucci an email to secretsofpodcasting(@)gallucci(.)net Welcome! This is the "Foundation And History of Podcasting" class. In this video I'll go through a quick introduction, talk to you about what we're going to cover in all the following videos and then we'll not waste any time getting our hands dirty and learning about podcasting. Some topics in this video include the history of podcasting, how the "pros" are podcasting,
Running time: 247 seconds
Social Bookmarking Part Two - Social Media Strategies
This 10 minute chapter covers Social bookmarking - Part Two from the series of classes which covers the different aspects of the text medium in social media marketing. This class will cover demographics and the relevant marketing opportunities to be found by using bulletin boards, forums, chat rooms, instant messaging, and the ever-popular, blogging.
Running time: 684 seconds
Understanding Keyword Research Concepts in Online Marketing by SearchMarket
In this short educational video about online marketing Liana "Li" Evans of and speaks about 3 concepts online marketers and business owners should understand about doing Keyword Reasearch. Variety, Not Falling in Love and Understanding Your Customer are three important keys whether its a search, ppc or social media strategy your creating! Full video transcript at:
Running time: 181 seconds
How to Increase Sales with the Yes-Yes Factor
You're probably moaning about how you can't increase prices. Well, here's a systematic way to do so. We've tested this across products and services for the past 6 years. It doesn't matter what the price (and we've tested products/services from $50-$10,000): It just works. The only reason it won't work, is because you're too lazy to try it.
Running time: 1054 seconds


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