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Freedom of Speech VS. Copy Cat Killers
When movies glorify violence and inspire bloodshed, should Hollywood be held responsible for copycat crimes?
Running time: 90 seconds
Kentucky Fried Chicken Lawsuit
He once boasted that his chicken was "Finger Lickin' Good." But when the Colonel cried foul to a Kentucky newspaper, his statements became a recipe for this chicken suit.
Running time: 109 seconds
Girls Gone Wild Lawsuit
After two teens appeared with Snoop Dog on the cover of his raunchy video, the parties went wild in court.
Running time: 82 seconds
Miracle on Court Street?
After passing himself off as Santa Claus, Warren Hayes wound up on prosecutors' naughty list.
Running time: 92 seconds
Using the "R" Word
Charging the Redskins with racism, seven Native Americans took on the team. Would Washington judges "hail to the Redskins" and save their name?
Running time: 105 seconds
Barry Bonds Baseball Battle
You wouldn't believe what some people would do for a baseball.
Running time: 88 seconds
Suing Simon
American Idol's toughest judge faces a federal judge in a lawsuit over the rights to the hit TV show.
Running time: 107 seconds
Buyers Remorse Laws
What if I change my mind after buying a house, car or other item? Can it take it all back?
Running time: 102 seconds
Check Laws
Ignore your monthly statements and your money might just go away.
Running time: 113 seconds
The Cat Tax
Mr. Ed had to lip sync. But Blackie the Cat could really talk -- until a southern town's effort to tax his earnings left him speechless.
Running time: 94 seconds
The Real Costanza
The real Costanza sued the real Seinfeld over a "show about nothing." Did his lawsuit have more substance?
Running time: 91 seconds
Co Signing a Loan
All my buddy needs is a simple signature. Isn't that what friends are for?
Running time: 138 seconds
Debt Collection Laws
Even if you owe, they can't harass you for the dough ... if you know your rights.
Running time: 141 seconds
Drafting Contracts
The lawyers always want to put "everything" in writing. Can I protect myself without burying the deal in paperwork?
Running time: 109 seconds
Oral Agreements
Should We Shake on It? Is it "legal" if it's not in writing? And what's the harm in a handshake?
Running time: 108 seconds
Spike Lee vs. SpikeTV Lawsuit
When a network took his name in vain, Lee tried to cut it off the air. Did the Court do the right thing?
Running time: 97 seconds
Crossing Michael Jordan, Slander Lawsuit
When Michael Jordan's off-court romance landed him in a Chicago courtroom, a columnist's coverage of the affair may have gone out of bounds as well.
Running time: 104 seconds
Evel as a Pimp?
Calling Evel Knievel "a pimp" was one network's way of paying the dare devil a "compliment." Evel wasn't flattered.
Running time: 85 seconds
Violence in Video Games Lawsuit
Is there a constitutional right to make fun of killing cops? That's what video dealers claimed when they fought a law banning cop-killer games.
Running time: 84 seconds
Interpreting the Law
Stephen Breyer explains the idea of interpreting the law
Running time: 192 seconds
How to Execute Power of Attorney
Learn about the execution of power of attorney and the rules that are given one such power of attorney.
Running time: 104 seconds
How to Assign the Power of Attorney
Learn how to assign the power of attorney and some tips in order to help you ease into the process.
Running time: 92 seconds
How to Receive Inheritance
Listen to Tim as he explains about the legal process of receiving inheritance
Running time: 130 seconds
How to Write a Living Will
Also known as advanced medical directives, learn why and how you should write a living will.
Running time: 56 seconds


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