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IRS Offer in Compromise program
If you're looking for reputable help with an IRS Offer in Compromise. Tampa Tax Attorney Darrin T. Mish explains the calculation process so that you can determine if you qualify
Running time: 474 seconds
How to Get American Citizenship - Common Mistakes
How to avoid Common Mistakes when applying for U.S. Citizenship that could delay the process - or worse.
Running time: 223 seconds
Domestic Partnership
My husband lost his job 6 months ago and I am now working. He’s not doing anything around the house. I can’t continue doing everything I use to do plus work. How do we create a domestic partnership?
Running time: 117 seconds
Estate Planning - Why a Will is Not Enough to Avoid Probate
Mitchell R. Miller , a tax, trusts and estate lawyer for 30 years , talks about making sure that a person's estate does not go through probate. Probate costs money, takes time, and can cause major aggravation. If you only have a will and do not have a living trust, your estate will go through probate.
Running time: 288 seconds
What to Expect During a Consultation with a Michigan Auto Law Attorney
In this informative Michigan auto law video, Ann Arbor Auto Accident Attorney David Christensen explains what to expect at your first meeting with a lawyer to obtain guidance for car, truck and motorcycle accidents.
Running time: 176 seconds
Learning from Anna Nicole Smith
Dying without a will—or an outdated one—or a guardian often leaves a big mess for loved ones.
Running time: 78 seconds
Loan Against Your Accident Case
"Free Connsultation" with Jon D'Agostino Ari Kornhaber
Running time: 1665 seconds
How Lie Detectors Legally Work
It's inventors called it "infallible" -- but they weren't hooked up to the polygraph when they boasted of this controversial device.
Running time: 133 seconds
Legal Disclosure
As my cousin Vinny learned, prosecutors who keep too many secrets can lose many cases.
Running time: 90 seconds
Legal Loophole Technicalities
Are they legal loopholes to freedom, or the basis of our fundamental freedoms? Can we "get off" on a technicality?
Running time: 97 seconds
Legal Advice: PBJ
Riddle: How can a judge find you guilty of a crime, but not convict you?
Running time: 105 seconds
Legal Advice: Talk to Cops
What Should You Do if They Come to You? Or, most importantly, what should you NOT do if police just want to chat?
Running time: 144 seconds
What are Miranda Rights
"You Have the Right to Remain Silent ..." What exactly does that mean, and what happens if they don't explain it?
Running time: 115 seconds
Legal Advice: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
What exactly is proof "beyond a reasonable doubt"? Can jurors convict if they're not sure?
Running time: 110 seconds
How to Choose a Lawyer
If I confess to my lawyer will that get me into trouble?
Running time: 118 seconds
Juvenile Sentencing
Why is it better to be tried as a juvenile than as an adult? Are we grading kids on a curve?
Running time: 109 seconds
Expungement Process
And now, for this next trick, we'll file a petition to make your case disappear!
Running time: 106 seconds
Legal Advice: Pleading Insanity
Are you crazy enough to win? Or, is it crazy to rely on the defense of insanity?
Running time: 122 seconds
Legal Advice: Judge or Jury
If given the choice, would you rather be judged by a judge, or by a jury of your peers? Our legal experts weigh in...
Running time: 106 seconds
Legal Advice: Plea Bargaining
"Let's Make A Deal" isn't just an old game show. Learn more about the high-stakes negotiation over the fate of the accused.
Running time: 93 seconds
Prosecutorial Power
Pop Quiz: Name the most powerful person in the criminal justice system: A. The Judge; B. The Jury; C. The Prosecutor.
Running time: 87 seconds
The Accused Witness
If I don't testify in my own defense, won't they think I'm guilty? But if I do take the stand ...
Running time: 153 seconds
Benefits of Low Insurance Premiums
Can you really afford low insurance premiums?
Running time: 109 seconds
How to Use Insurance Commission
Trouble with your carrier? Get the government on your side when your carrier isn't.
Running time: 106 seconds
Small Claims Court Procedures
When you resort to the small claims court, keep your case simple and your questions short.
Running time: 121 seconds


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