Videos on Kids And Teens

How to Run Around Like Crazy
In this video, we learn some fitness for kids workouts, such as running around like crazy
Running time: 97 seconds
How to Warp Up With the Wheels On the Bus
In this video, we learn some fitness for kids workouts, such as warming up with the wheels on the bus.
Running time: 121 seconds
How to Have Fun With Your Kids with Fitness
In this video, learn how you can have with your kids while doing some fitness.
Running time: 69 seconds
Mother and Baby Fitness
Lisa Stone of Fit-4-two and learn some easy ways to keep both you and baby healthy and active.
Running time: 362 seconds
Wedding Wear For Kids
Wedding Advice: Wedding TV visits Little Bevan Children’s Wear to give you an idea for how to dress the little ones for the big day. From Page Boys to Flower Girls, there’s ideas for all. The big advice? Keep it simple!
Running time: 237 seconds
Learn about Fall Jackets
Learn about Fall Jackets.
Running time: 356 seconds
Fair Trade Children's Clothing
Learn about Fair Trade Children's Clothing.
Running time: 118 seconds
Back to School Week Fashion Trends
This week were getting started early for Back to School Week. Check out these new trends on the Threadbanger radar and be sure to check back all week for more cool Back to schooling.
Running time: 86 seconds
Get Moving, Get Losing
Childhood obesity is a serious epidemic, but not one that your kids have to contribute to! Get moving together with these fun ideas.
Running time: 68 seconds
Appropriate Children's Jewelry
Learn about the various types of jewelry that are appropriate for children to wear in this modern age.
Running time: 105 seconds
Helping a Child Adjust to School Uniforms
Here's some helpful tips that may help you and your child adjust to wearing school uniforms.
Running time: 93 seconds
How To Buy Kids' Shoes
Tips to buy shoes for your kids
Running time: 117 seconds
Find Kids Clothes for Formal Occasions
Learn how to find kids' clothes for formal occasions. In this segment we share some great advice on shopping for formalwear for your children without breaking the bank.
Running time: 138 seconds
Kids Clothing for All Seasons
Learn how to find great, practical clothes for your kids without breaking the bank, as we show you how to shop and find kids clothing bargains for all ages and seasons.
Running time: 123 seconds
Rough and Ready Sportswear for Kids
Learn how to find great, durable and afforadable sportswear and athletic clothing for your kids without breaking the bank or losing your mind. In this segment we guide you through finding great sportswear bargains for children of any age.
Running time: 155 seconds
How to Make a Baby Pod
It has been almost a year and we haven't done an episode about babies...they were threatening to here it is, a how-to for making the very clever, baby pod. Also on the radar, the Forums and Project Threadbanger.
Running time: 384 seconds
Foot Tap
Train your quickness doing the foot tap with Judy Notte Howard in this great kids fitness video workout.
Running time: 39 seconds
Wall Push Up
Help your kids stay healthy and active with this fun fitness video for kids who want to get strong. Here, Judy shows you how to practice the push ups on a wall.
Running time: 43 seconds
Twist Pull In
Get your children to be active with this great kids' fitness video. Here Judy shows you how to make your back stronger by twisting and resisting.
Running time: 95 seconds
Spring Push Up
Help your kids stay active and healthy with this terrific fitness drill for kids. Here Judy shows you how to make your push-ups harder by trying the spring push ups.
Running time: 49 seconds
Spring and Spin Push Up
Learn how to rotate your body while doing push ups with Judy Notte Howard - a great fitness workout for kids who want to get strong!
Running time: 61 seconds
Partial Push Up
Stay healthy and active and get strong with Judy Notte Howard. Begin with the push ups doing the partial push up.
Running time: 37 seconds
Full Push Up
Practice the classic push up with Judy Notte Howard and this terrific fitness video for kids who want to get strong and stay healthy.
Running time: 30 seconds
Ball Walkover
In this fitness for kids video, Judy shows you how to challenge yourself and learn how to make the ball walk over push up.
Running time: 46 seconds
Standing Lunge
Learn the standing lunge exercise with Judy Notte Howard and practice this great kids' fitness drill to get strong and stay healthy.
Running time: 69 seconds


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