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DadLabs Baby Photo Shoot Bloopers
Take the DadLabs guys, add thirty or so babies, watch as hilarity ensues. The recent cover shoot for the upcoming DadLabs book gone bad. Brought to you by Baby Bjorn. Distributed by TubeMogul. Distributed by Tubemogul.
Running time: 396 seconds
Travel Bytes San Diego - Laughs
As if San Diego wasn't fun enough, Kevin makes it just that much more entertaining.
Running time: 92 seconds
Grr Outer Abs - GE #46
Yep, it's time to tone up those outer abdominal muscles with this three-part floor exercise.
Running time: 227 seconds
Jump Backs Made Simple - GE 45
Keep your gaze forward and butt up with Dina's special secret to awesome jump backs.
Running time: 215 seconds
Booty Fitness-Wall Chair GE #44
You'll need: a wall for support, a book to squeeze, a book to read, a beverage of your choice, a pillow to bite. You get: a firm booty. Priceless.
Running time: 200 seconds
Camel Goes Moo -GE 43#
Hope you're warmed up already before practicing this deep back bend, the Camel Pose. Moo!
Running time: 221 seconds
Copyright Superhero Lawsuit
Who would win in a battle between Superman and The Greatest American Hero? The answer may surprise you.
Running time: 67 seconds
Suing Aqua's Barbie-girl
When pop band Aqua mocked Mattel's version of the All-American girl, the toy maker defended her honor in court.
Running time: 70 seconds
GE 42 - Exercises Not Nice
Dina tries to prove she's a bad a** while getting you off your a** to review these kick a** exercises. Okay then.
Running time: 202 seconds
GE 41: Mom's Lion Cure
Try my mom's yogic breath exercise to relieve a sore throat plus some other random mommy tips.
Running time: 158 seconds
Headstand Like Magic
Make headstand magically easy with this variation using blocks and a wall.
Running time: 203 seconds
Cobbler Hotness
A relaxing yet effective hip stretch and an exercise in body confidence. Both increase hotness.
Running time: 242 seconds
How to Perform Sun Salutations
Rise and shine! Don't delay, wake up your sexy hotness with sun salutations today.
Running time: 181 seconds
Shoulderstand & That Aunt
Tips for a proper shoulderstand set up, alternatives to shoulderstand and what to do when that pesky aunt is in town.
Running time: 249 seconds
Back Strengthening And Spining
Dina clarifies the difference between Spinning & spinning and demonstrates some creepy, swarming back strengtheners
Running time: 204 seconds
How to Stretch
The cow face mystery solved but not quite and some suggestions for how the ultra flexible can stretch but not really.
Running time: 183 seconds
How to do the cow face stretch
Dina demonstrates the hip/shoulder stretch combo Cow Face Pose and some cows make LOLS.
Running time: 187 seconds
Push Ups Revisited
Dina thanks viewers for feedback and revisits the push ups after not practicing for three months.
Running time: 147 seconds
Funny Wii Review, Video Wii Parody, ShoppingBounce Funny Wii Review, Video Product Review for wii game system. Check out more funny video product reviews at ShoppingBounce.
Running time: 153 seconds
How to Laugh with Pesah
Learn how to tell bad pesah jokes Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg: 400 videos on Judaism with over 1,000,000 views. Rabbi of -the Jewish community online. Through our Jewish Institute for Religious Training We offer Online Conversion stud
Running time: 127 seconds
How to create the Lens Flare Effect
Explaining how the light bouncing inside camera lenses creating flare illusions
Running time: 183 seconds
How to Fold Your own MacBook Air Origami
Make it yourself! The MacBook Paper - world's thinnest notebook and environmentally aware!
Running time: 47 seconds
Cooking with Doug and Kyle: Split-Pea Soup
When Doug and Kyle begin to cook, there is no telling what might happen and who may show up.
Running time: 207 seconds
Lemming Migration Along the Norwegian Coast
If all of your friends jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you? If you happen to be a lemming, unfortunately, the answer is a resounding "YES."
Running time: 170 seconds
Find love by getting out of a cell phone contract
Jill is dumped by her boyfriend and is stuck with a lousy cell plan and the threat of early termination fees if she cancels. Watch how to trash your old boyfriend and phone, get a cell contract for free and change your life with
Running time: 185 seconds


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