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Comedian Joey Elias Interview
Comedian Joey Elias first got on stage after losing a pool hall bet. His loss was comedy's gain.
Running time: 158 seconds
How to be a Good Sport
Winning is always more fun, but losing happens to everyone. Learn how to handle losing and winning in a sportsmanlike manner.
Running time: 155 seconds
The Sims 3 Super Hero Parody Trailer
You wouldn't be pop gaming culture icons without a quaint little parody from the guys over at The Sims 3. The aim is directly at you, oh Mr. Iron Man 2.
Running time: 101 seconds
Interview With Comedian Trevor Boris
Skinny, slim and thin comedian Trevor Boris is best known for his gay-farmer joke, but can also be mistaken for Casey from Casey and Finnigan.
Running time: 175 seconds
Interview With Comedian Laurie Elliott
Comedian Laurie Elliott makes relationships, getting older and drooping body parts into a laughing matter.
Running time: 212 seconds
The State of American Screenwriting
Danny Strong, actor and screenwriter, discusses his screenwriting idols, why he stopped writing comedy and the reason screenwriting remains relevant.
Running time: 275 seconds
How to Make it As a Comedian
Caroline Hirsch, owner of "Carolines on Broadway", says it's all about a unique voice and material, material, material.
Running time: 140 seconds
The Differences of Writing Comedy TV
Bill Scheft, writer on "Late Show with David Letterman", discusses the differences between comedy fiction and monologue writing, and his latest novel, “Everything Hurts.”
Running time: 503 seconds
How to Write for "The Late Show"
Bill Scheft, writer on "The Late Show with David Letterman", discusses the lifestyle of a Letterman writer.
Running time: 212 seconds
The Evolution of Late Night Comedy
Bill Scheft, writer on "Late Show with David Letterman", doubts the political influence of Late Night comedy.
Running time: 522 seconds
Learn About Carolines on Broadway
Caroline Hirsch, owner of "Carolines on Broadway", talks about seeing Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock grow up in her comedy nursery.
Running time: 295 seconds
The Authenticity of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Bill Scheft, writer on "Late Show with David Letterman", says don’t believe Larry David when he tells you he doesn’t resemble his screen persona.
Running time: 248 seconds
How Comedy Has Changed
Caroline Hirsch, owner of "Carolines on Broadway", discusses changes in the world of comedy.
Running time: 111 seconds
How Women Use Humor
Caroline Hirsch, owner of "Carolines on Broadway", says a woman's sense of humour is intelligently used.
Running time: 147 seconds
Laughing Fit with Comedian Steve Patterson
Comedian Steve Patterson has mastered the art of stand up and now he's learning how to get fit with WatchMojo in a spin class.
Running time: 211 seconds
Comedian Andy Hendrickson
In this video WatchMojo chats with Comedian Andy Hendrickson about his career, how he got there with a few funny stories in between.
Running time: 174 seconds
Interview with Comedian David Hemstad
Comedian David Hemstad discusses his beginnings in comedy with WatchMojo.
Running time: 210 seconds
Sweet Sexual Panther Comedian Ryan Belleville
Comedian Ryan Belleville discusses his career from the moment he stepped foot on the stage of the Loose Moose Theatre Company at 15 years old with WatchMojo.
Running time: 218 seconds
Naughty Bear - Blair Witch Trailer
Lost in the woods, random screaming, and crying teddy bear in black and white must be a parody of the Blair Witch movie. Check out this scary trailer for Naughty Bear.
Running time: 65 seconds
Watch This Instead #63 - Hot Tub Time Machine
An '80s throwback, in more than one glorious way.
Running time: 257 seconds
New Media Business Models
Marc Campbell is a comedian who used his strong business background to fund Independent Comedy Network. The Network is an online venue for premium entertainment which uses unique and innovative structures in creating partnerships with both creatives and content distributors. Campbell talks about his company's strategy which is geared toward launching numerous entertainment properties in a remarkably short period of time.
Running time: 262 seconds
District 9 Strip Club : Original Short
What happens when a human goes to an Alien Strip Club and has too much to drink? Watch this Indy Mogul Original Short and you can find out! Indy Mogul's Original Shorts are funny short films featuring the DIY special effects and props made on our show Backyard FX. Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment. Build episodes on Mondays and Original Short test films on Tuesdays featuring the build. Indy Mogul:Website:...
Running time: 217 seconds
Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Ark Trailer
Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues carries on with their parody videos infused with spliced feature film footage. This time they've redone the infamous "opening of the Ark" scene in a much more G-rated nature.
Running time: 61 seconds
Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Parody Trailer
The classic Indiana Jones and the Raider of the Lost Ark feature film to the game, which releases on November 17th. See how they stack up against each other, and in particular, see how the classic location of Nepal gets a brand-new treatment in the game.
Running time: 63 seconds
How to Understand Hamlet's Plot
Made into more than 25 movies, been the subject of many parodies, and even produced entirely in mime, "Hamlet" is a production that knows no limits. Open to questions and interpretation, let's take a 10 minute look at one of the longest tragedies.
Running time: 559 seconds


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