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Naughty Bear "The Ring" Trailer
Naughty Bear provides a parody of the creepy "Ring" movies of yore to illustrate the terror he will inflict on the unsuspecting Teddy Bears.
Running time: 51 seconds
How to Avoid Comedy Burnout
Josh Lieb, executive producer of "The Daily Show", talks about his biggest mistake - burning out when his star was on the rise; he never knew how quickly he would lose Hollywood momentum.
Running time: seconds
Writing For the Harvard Lampoon
Josh Lieb, executive producer of "The Daily Show", talks about the competitive atmosphere at the Lampoon, which drives writers to produce good work.
Running time: 117 seconds
How to Build a Car Mounted Rocket Launcher
Does your car need an upgrade? How about a flip up, roof mounted, rocket launcher. In this episode of BFX Zack teaches you how to make an awesome pop open rocket launcher prop you can safely mount to your car. Also make sure and check out the A-Team parody test film, "The B-Team" coming out tomorow!Indy Mogul's Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment.  'Build' episodes on Mondays and 'Original Short' test films on ....
Running time: 318 seconds
Comedy Tackles the 2010 World Cup
Learn what the champions of comedy think about the men, women and countries involved with the World Cup as comedians Daniel Tirado and Franco Taddeo open up to WatchMojo.
Running time: 240 seconds
Interview with Comedian Arthur Simeon
Comedian Arthur Simeon is known as The Bishop and as THAT African Guy. Find out why this comedian is already making a name for himself with WatchMojo.
Running time: 233 seconds
Best App Reviews
We'll be back for WWDC, but we're showing you the "Best of" skits, featuring apps that will teach you how to kiss, sing, and sniff out any lies.
Running time: 494 seconds
Comedian Mike Paterson
In this videos comedian Mike Paterson tells WatchMojo all about his life as a comedian and his life as a singer in a lip sync band.
Running time: 227 seconds
Comedian Brian Lazanik
Comedian Brian Lazanik shares some advice he got from his mother with WatchMojo
Running time: 194 seconds
Comedian Jocko Alston Interview
Comedian Jocko Alston tells WatchMojo everything as he sees it!
Running time: 177 seconds
Comedian Kevin Gasior
Enjoy some good clean fun with comedian Kevin Gasior and WatchMojo.
Running time: 149 seconds
Australian Comedian Wil Anderson
In this video, Australian comedian Wil Anderson tells WatchMojo why life is great when you're a comedian.
Running time: 217 seconds
Puccini's Opera Gianni Schicchi
L'Opéra de Montréal tells WatchMojo about the Puccini comedy, Gianni Schicchi.
Running time: 160 seconds
Chatting With Comedian Jazz Mann
Jazz Mann is a well-known actor and stand-up comedian that can be seen on both the big screen and on the stages of comedy clubs.
Running time: 196 seconds
The Father of Standup Comedy Wayne Flemming
Comedian Wayne Flemming has been performing for over 35 years and is often referred to as the man who perfected the art of stand-up comedy.
Running time: 248 seconds
Learn How to Fringe
A performance at a fringe festival could be a show about anything- theater, dance, music or comedy- absolutely anything!
Running time: seconds
A Retrospective of SNL TV Comedy on the Big Screen
In this video WatchMojo takes a look back at the various attempts to adapt the comedy of Saturday Night Live to the silver screen.
Running time: 253 seconds
We're the TSA and You Can Count on Us
We're the Transportation Security Administration. We're working hard to make sure you enjoy a safe flight. And while we cannot apprehend every terrorist, you can count on us to do what we're trained to do whenever there's a security breach—overreact to tiny threats.
Running time: 63 seconds
The Magical Power of Comedy
Dick Cavett, talk show host and New York Times blogger, makes a comparison to Johnny Carson.
Running time: 145 seconds
How to Become a Respectable Comedian
Dick Cavett, talk show host and New York Times blogger, is not entirely sure just how he made it in the comedy business, but he does believe there are certain innate qualities that can help you succeed without pandering to the masses.
Running time: 401 seconds
Building Team Loyalty in Your Child
The Dads offer their feeble and transparent suggestions on how to balance your football fandom and your fatherhood. Watch our suggestions on how to dupe your wife into letting you watch endless hours of sports. Of course, none of them work. Watch as the d
Running time: 282 seconds
Barbie Dolls Vs Bratz Dolls
This week in The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad ask the important question - What the heck has happened to dolls? These days review the two biggest brands, Barbie and Bratz? Are you okay with your daughter playing with these fashion dolls? Have you ever b
Running time: 284 seconds
Considering Girls's Dolls
In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad ponder the role of dolls in the lives of their daughters. These toys are a common gift for girls and it won't be long before your daughter has a collection of them. What are the best dolls for a girl w
Running time: 366 seconds
How to Travel with Your Kids
If you are fool enough to want to travel with your young children, then we guess you better at least watch this video. The Dads offer their advice and condolences if you simply must hit the road or take to the air with your kids. Watch for their top 5 tra
Running time: 315 seconds
Sam and Max Season 3 Trailer
Check out this early look at what to expect from the third season of everyone's favorite episodic comedy, adventure game.
Running time: 143 seconds


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