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Homemade Gift Basket Ideas
Giving a gift basket doesn't mean that the gifts have to be in a basket. Get some great creative ideas for making your own gift baskets with a twist.
Running time: 556 seconds
Table Setting Ideas for Thanksgiving
In this episode of Daily Connections you will get some tips on how to set your table when you are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner.
Running time: 574 seconds
Creating a Backyard Pond
In this episode of Growing Wisdom Dave takes us along his backyard pond and talks about the process and all the elements involved.
Running time: 129 seconds
Cold Weather Crops
In this episode of Growing Wisdom Dave teaches us about cold weather crops. Its just one more way to extend your gardening season.
Running time: 77 seconds
Pruning Hydrangea Macrophylla
On this episode of Growing Wisdom you will learn exactly when and how to prune the Hydrangea Macrophylla.
Running time: 87 seconds
Planting Bonfire Begonia
Today on Growing Wisdom Dave shows us some great ways to arrange the Bonfire Begonia created by Tesselaar.
Running time: 133 seconds
Tips on Organizing Children's Wardrobe
Get some great ideas and tips on organizing children's wardrobes in this episode of Daily Connections.
Running time: 578 seconds
How to Decorate Your Journal
Lisa Shepard Stewart, a home and house expert, shows us how to decorate our journal and she also explains what journaling is.
Running time: 603 seconds
Tips for Storing Your Jewelry
Gina Stigi shows us some great ways to store our jewelry in this episode of Daily Connections.
Running time: 591 seconds
How to Make Your Own Jewelry Displays
Get some ideas on how to make your own jewelry displays with house and home expert Gina Stigi.
Running time: 547 seconds
How to Use Scroll Saw
George Vondriska shows some of the types of projects you can do on a scroll saw and demonstrates how to use a scroll saw. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.
Running time: 460 seconds
How to Cut Circular Holes in Drywall
Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus shows how to cut circular holes in drywall using a Compass Guide from Acadiana tools and a wallboard saw in this video.
Running time: 100 seconds
A Dream Night’s Sleep
Joni shares her story on a dream night's sleep and what she looks for in a mattress and bedding.
Running time: 79 seconds
Relax with a Warm Cup of Tea
Chastity describes her perfect cup of tea before bed and what she looks for in a mattress and bedding.
Running time: 70 seconds
Sleeping like a Caterpillar in a Cocoon
Cherryse tells us how she thinks of sleep as her "me time" and sleeps similar to a caterpillar in a cocoon.
Running time: 84 seconds
Life as a New Mom
Heather speaks about life as a new mom and how she's developed a routine to sleep well.
Running time: 69 seconds
The Schedule of a Registered Nurse
Jodi shares her personal story of being a nurse and what she does before sleeping to get a good night's sleep.
Running time: 73 seconds
Crafting a Spa Treatment at Home
Home and house expert, Lisa Shepard Stewart shows us how to do a spa treatment at home with some homemade spa craft ideas.
Running time: 513 seconds
What to Have at Home for Spontaneous Visitors
House and home expert, Gina Stigi, explains us what type of supplies we should have to be able to entertain spontaneous visitors.
Running time: 555 seconds
Tips for Decorating a Wall
Gina Stigi shows us how to decorate a wall with picture frames.
Running time: 355 seconds
How to Display Photo Frames on the Wall
With these simple tips of Gina Stigi, it's really easy to decorate your wall with picture frames.
Running time: 385 seconds
How to Organize Your CD's and DVD's
Home and house expert, Gina Stigi, shows us some simple solutions to organize CD's and DVD's.
Running time: 527 seconds
Decorating Tips for Shadow Boxes
Home and house expert, Joy Rothman, shows us how we can decorate with shadow boxes and also give them away as a gift.
Running time: 310 seconds
How to Make a Shadow Box
Joy Rothman shows us how to make a shadow box present.
Running time: 367 seconds
Basic Home Improvement Tools for Women
Joy Rothman has some tips for basic home improvement tools, which every women should have in their homes.
Running time: 538 seconds


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