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William Kent Krueger Talks About Heaven's Keep
Novelist William Kent Krueger reveals the inspiration for his Cork series.
Running time: 132 seconds
Kate Feiffer Talks About Which Puppy
Kate Feiffer reveals the hectic pace at which she and her father, Jules, worked to create Which Puppy in time for President Obama's inauguration.
Running time: 167 seconds
Sandra Brown Talks About Rainwater
Sandra Brown on writing Rainwater.
Running time: 393 seconds
Meet Photojournalist Kevin Rivoli
Kevin Rivoli discusses his book In Search of Norman Rockwell's America.
Running time: 79 seconds
Davy Rothbart Talks About Requiem for a Paper Bag
Davy Rothbart asked his favorite writers, musicians, artists & entertainers to tell him about the things they've found.
Running time: 102 seconds
Maurice Hamilton Talks About Chequered Conflict
An insightful, vivid and electrifyingly gripping book about the 2007 Formula One World Championship from a leading motor-sport expert.
Running time: 390 seconds
Allison Leotta Talks About Law of Attraction
As a newly minted Assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., Anna Curtis has already developed thick skin to deal with the brutality she encounters with her daily stack of domestic violence cases. Yet when Laprea Johnson walks into Anna's life - battered by her boyfriend on the morning after Valentine's Day - there's something about this particular case that Anna can't quite shake, something that reminds the prosecutor of her own troubled past.
Running time: 211 seconds
Elise Primavera and Diane Goode Talk About Louise The Big Cheese
Elise Primavera and Diane Goode have a lot to share about their new children's book.
Running time: 158 seconds
Joseph Maroon Talks About Safety Concerns for Resveratrol
Are there any safety concerns?
Running time: 48 seconds
Vincent Flynn Talks About Protect and Defend
A tour de force of action-packed suspense, Protect and Defend delivers an all-too-realistic and utterly compelling vision of nations navigating the minefield of international intrigue.
Running time: 145 seconds
Eric Bogosian Offers Readers Some Words of Wisdom
Novelist Eric Bogosian has some advice to share with budding novelists.
Running time: 83 seconds
DaShaun Morris Talks About War of the Blood in My Veins
Forget the bling. Morris takes us into the mind of a gangbanger: mental illness rules and the line between homicide and suicide is thin as a razor.
Running time: 141 seconds
Douglas Kennedy Reveals What Readers Think About Him
A literary professor decides to leave her privileged world behind when personal tragedy strikes, and she is drawn into a young girl's disappearance.
Running time: 65 seconds
Patti Stanger Talks About Become Your Own Matchmaker
Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger talks about her book Become Your Own Matchmaker and dedicates it to single women everywhere.
Running time: 137 seconds
Meet Author Suzy Welch
Suzy Welch offers a life management tool to aid in tough decision-making.
Running time: 142 seconds
Lisa Jones Reads from Broken
Lisa Jones reads from her book, Broken.
Running time: 331 seconds
Meet Author Phyllis Montana-Leblanc
Phyllis LeBlanc recalls living through Hurricane Katrina, rebuilding her life, and what she hopes to convey to readers.
Running time: 153 seconds
Suzanne Guillette Reveals Who She Admires Most
Author Suzanne Guillette talks about some of her favorites.
Running time: 72 seconds
Meet Author Robert Crais
For Robert Crais, both his Louisiana roots and his current home, Los Angeles, have influenced his storytelling.
Running time: 155 seconds
Andrew Clements Talks About Writing The Report Card
Watch this conversation with author Andrew Clements.
Running time: 64 seconds
Brian Billick Offers Readers Some Words of Wisdom
Tips for aspiring writers from former NFL-coach-turned-author Brian Billick.
Running time: 59 seconds
Clinton Kelly Reveals His Favorite Movie
The fabulous fashion guru Clinton Kelly talks about his favorite movie.
Running time: 45 seconds
Ellen Marmur Reveals Where She Would Like to Be
If Dr. Ellen Marmur could be anywhere in the world right now, where would she choose to be?
Running time: 66 seconds
Remixing Shakespeare
On how to use audio technology to introduce students to Macbeth. This fun lesson could be used for any Shakespeare play.
Running time: 228 seconds
Andrew Clements Talks About Report Cards
Watch this conversation with author Andrew Clements.
Running time: 69 seconds


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